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RICHARD WARD, the son of SETH WARD and perhaps KATHARINE SMITH, removed from England to Colonial Virginia sometime before 1634 and settled in Henrico County below present-day Richmond.  Henrico was one of the original 8 shires into which Virginia was divided in 1634; this peninsula is on the north side of the James River, between the James and the Chickahominy, beginning at the mouth of the Chickahominy where it empties into the James and extends to "the falls" of the James which flows between Henrico and Chesterfield Counties.

Richard Ward served as a magistrate in Henrico County in 1666 ; the date of his birth is not known; he died in 1682.  Richard married ELIZABETH (surname not established at present) and by her had four known children: SETH WARD, RICHARD WARD, EDWARD WARD & ELIZABETH WARD as proven by his Last Will & Testament of 1682 and possibly a son, JOHN WARD, who was not named in his will.
[Va. Mag. II, p 312]

Richard Ward resided at Varina in Henrico County, Virginia, located more than a mile above the Dutch Gap Canal.  Varina was named because of the superior character of the tobacco in the are which resembled high-price Spanish tobacco called Varina.  [Taylor, Lyon G.; Cradle of the Republic, 1906, p 221]

Richard's father, SETH WARD, obtained 60 acres within the Corporation of Henrico upon the land of DANIEL SHERLY on May 30, 1634, 21 year lease. On March 21, 1633 Captain John Ward (relationship if any not proven) obtained his land March 21, 1633.    [Va. Mag.II, p 312.]

On 21 November 1635 Lt. JOHN CHEESEMAN was granted 600 acres in the County of Charles River (York) on the New Poguoson River and Oyster Creek, adjoining the land of WILLIAM HAWKINS due for the transportation of twelve persons to the Colony:  Christopher Everett, Phillip Aunt, Mary a Negro, Edward Cotterell, Jane Bolton, Robert Corbett, Richard Duning, RICHARD WARD, George Carter, Richard Banks, John Hanwell, and Mathias a Negro.  [Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents, page 614)  On 8 March 1636 (Patent Book 1, Part 1, p 471) Captain John Cheeseman refiled his 600 acres for transport of 12 persons:  Christopher Averitt, Phillip Averit, Mary a Negro, Edward Catterell, Joane Boltono, Robert Cockett, Richard During, RICHARD WARD, George Costen, Richard Banks, John Harwell, Mathias a Negro.  (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, p 69)

Two years later on 14 July 1637 RICHARD WARD patented 100 acres in Varina, Henrico County, bounded SW by Two Mile Creek and on S upon the land of JOHN BARKER, and extrending ENE to the Four Mile Creek, NW into the maine woods;   50 acres due "for his owne personal adventure" and 50 acres by puchase from BARTHOLOMEW FARTHING and due Farthing for the transportation of a servant called Sarah Breman.  Granted by Harvey. (Patent Book 1, Part 1, page 440 & Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, p 60)

On 29 March 1665, RICHARD WARD, patented 1337 acres, recorded in Patent Book 5, page 164; 1 pole, south side James River in Henrico County, beginning at an oak on the river side at the upper end of CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, Sr's dividend of land and thence by various courses along the river to mouth of Falling Creek, thence up the said Creek thence various other courses to the beginning.  The said land had been formerly granted to JEREMIAH BLACKMAN, deceased, by patent 14 March 1656 and by JEREMIAH BLACKMAN, son & heir of said JEREMIAH (SR), deceased, sold and assigned unto the aforesaid Mr. RICHARD WARD, as will appear by record in the Secretaries Office.  Patent date 9 March 1665. (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, p 447)

Patent :  9 March 1665 ref [Patent Book 5:43] --  To RICHARD WARD -- 1337 acres Ref: 1337 acres Henrico, granted to JEREMIAH BLACKMAN 14 Mar 1646 who sold to WARD loc 16971 -8582 F127 L0 P255 - Point A) Red oak on river HYD line ; 148.5 poles Corner at upp end of Xopher Branch Sr's dividend, along river - Point B) ___ line NNW; 18 poles - Point C) ___ line NWxN; 20 poles - Point D) ___ line NW.50pN; 44 poles - Point E) ___ line WxN; 30 poles - Point F) ___ line WxS; 156 poles - Point G) ___ line W; 64 poles - Point H) ___ line WxN; 38 poles - Point I) ___ line Northwest 176 poles - Point J) ___ line N; 86 poles - Point K) ___ line NWxN; 47 poles - Point L) ___ line NNW; 38 poles - Point M)___ line N; 20 poles - Point N) ___ line Northeast 68 poles - Point O) Mouth of Falling Creek HYD line WNW.50pN; 101 poles upCreekpt P) Great red oak HYD line WxS; 252 poles leaving theCreekpt Q) Corner pine in the woods line S; 224 poles - Point R) ___ line Southheast 176 poles - Point S) ___ line SExE; 54 poles - Point T) ___ line SSE; 88 poles - Point U) ___ line Southheast 10 poles - Point V) ___ line ESE; 274 poles - Point W) ___ line ExN; 320 poles Bearing from sta. 14 was WNW0.5N, changed to WNW2QN Bearing from sta. 3 was NW0.5N, changed to NW2QN - Quality of survey: Well located.

On 24 August 1669  RICHARD WARD obtained a judgment against RICHARD SUTTON for 400 pounds tobacco. [Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol, I, Northumbria Collectanea, Northumberland County]

TYPE: Patent; Date: 7 Nov 1673 [Patent Book 6:496] , Frg1 to Abelow Gower, Frg1 Ref: 101/501 acres Henrico/nr great stone & Sheffield Swamp loc 16667 -8550 F127 L0 P255 - Point A) Two red oaks nigh the swamp and a remarkable great stone line NNW.50pW; 22 poles along bank of Sheffield Swamp against a meadow - Point B) _____ line Northwest 28 poles - Point C) Great  ohickory marked 4 ways line W.50pS; 254 poles - Point D) Small pine marked 4 ways line S; 76 poles - Point E) Mr. Branch's Corner at the head line ExN; 288 poles Land bought of MR. RICHARD WARD at the date hereof and belonging to the Sheffield patent Shift: sta 4 of GOWE1673.INT to sta 1 of BRNCH665.INT - Quality of survey: Well located.

On 1 February 1675, February 1, Albermarle County Records (Valentine Papers) state that ROBERT WOODSON, was granted a deed for 100 acres of land near the falls to WILLIAM ELAM, signed & delivered in the presence of WILLIAM RANDOLPH & RICHARD WARD.

On 10 December 1677 at the Henrico Court Phillip Thomas and RICHARD WARD depose that the will exhibited in the court by John ____ Clerk is the last will and testament of WILLIAM COOKSON, dec'd that they were witnesses to.  Recorded 10 Dec. 1677, page 30, Henrico County Will & Deed Book, 1677-1692, Part 1.

Will of CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, Henrico County, VA recorded page 209, 20 Feb 1681/2:
Dated 20 June 1678
To son THOMAS B RANCH, great copper ceatle, and a book and 240 acres already given him;
To grandson CHRISTOPHER BRANCH all land between river to line of my son THOMAS and Proctors Creek, provided he hellp build his b rother SAMUEL a house of 4 board lengths.
To grandson SAMUEL BRANCH, land called Jacks Bottom at Proctor's Creek, provided he help build his brother BENJAMIN a house of 4 board lengths.
To grandson BENJAMIN BRANCH land between Jacks Bottom and Proctors Creek.
SAMUEL and BENJAMIN to live with CHRISTOPHER until able to look after themselves;
WILLIAM and JOHN BRANCH to have permission to hunt and fish in the creek and swamp.
Grandson CHRISTOPHER BRANCH to be sole executor.
All the rest of the estate to grandsons CHRISTOPHER, BENJAMIN, AND SAMUEL, SARAH and MARY BRANCH, the wife of THOMAS JEFFERSON, to be equally divided.
Proved by above witnesses 20 Feb 1681/2

The following is an abstract of the will of RICHARD WARD written in April 1682:
RICHARD WARD of parish and County of Henrico, to son RICHARD WARD 300 acres in a parcel, one lying & being upon Mr. Abell Gower, the other lying & being on Mr. John Knowles:
To youngest son EDWARD, 250 acres;
To daughter ELIZABETH WARD 150 acres;
To eldest son SETH WARD plantation I now live on and all the lands that shall be left in what I expressed in my will above said.  To eldest son, SETH WARD, one bed, bedstead, with curtains and vallainces, 2 flock beds with covering, one large table, and forme, one old chest, one pr doggirons, 7 pewter dishes, one gallon flagon, 6 plates and leather chair, one joint stoole, one chest, pr pott racks, one copper kettle, one brass kettle, one smoothing iron, a spit and frying pan, one courch, pr pot hooks, one powdering tub, 3 napkins, 3 pr sheets, 8 head cattle, one great iron pestle, one well bucket & chain, one ladle, one copper pot, 9 silver spoons, 2 seal gold ring, 1 silver bowl, and salt cellars, 1 silver dram cup.
To second son RICHARD WARD 2 feather beds, 1 with curtains and vallianes and and bedstead, the other with covering thereto belonging, 1 iron bound case, ` leather chair, 1 round table, 2 potts, 1 pr pot hooks, 1 pr pot racks, 6 plates 7 pewter dishes, 1 cullender, 2 chests, 1 pr andirons, 1 spit, 1 frying pan, 1 great iron pot, 1 smoothing iron, 1 Bible, 1 couch, 3 diapr napkins, 3 pr sheets, 8 head cattle, 1 iron pestle, 1 gridiron, 9 silver spoons, 2 silver cups, 1 silver scale.
To youngest son EDWARD WARD, 1 bed & bedstead, with curtains & vallaines, and all necessarys thereto, 2 great chests, 1 stoole, 1 leather chair, 1 table, 6 new pewter dishes, 1 iron pott, of 4 gall, one little iron kettle, 1 iron bound case, 1 warming pan, 6 plates, 1 little iron pot, 1 looking glass, 1 pr pot racks, 3 diapr napkins, 3 pr sheets, 7 head cattle, 3 of them to be cows, 1 iron pestle, and morter, 1 pr of fire tongs, 9 silver spoons, 1 silver cup, 1 silver tobacco stopper.
To daughter ELIZABETH WARD, 2 feather beds one with curtains and vallaines & bedstead, the other with covering belonging thereto, 1 new ticking, 1 great chest, 6 plates, 8 pewter dishes, 2 chests, 1 box iron & heaters, 1 wooden chair, 1 joint stool, 1 great iron kettle, 1 pr pot racks, 1 skillet, 1 small iron pot & pot hooks, 1 chafing dish, 3 diap napkins & table cloth, 3 pr sheets, 1 saddle & bridle & one saddle cloth, 7 head cattle, 3 of them cows, 1 Bible, 1 driping pan, 1 pewter candlestick, 1 silver cup, 1 silver tankard, and 9 silver spoons.
One half ensuing crop made by my 3 hands, SIMON LYGON, ROSS & JACK, either of Indiane Corne or tobacco, 1/2 to daughter ELIZABETH and son RICHARD to be equally divided to buy each a servant, and NATT and BUTTON, 2 of my horses, and the other half to my son SEITH.
To son SEITH WARD, JACK my INDIAN BOY, and the keeping of my youngest son EDWARD WARD until he is 19 years of age to have benefit of his labor at his disposing, and likewise benefit of Rosse, the Indian's labor the term and time abovesaid & then son EDWARD to take him into custody; in case Sons SEITH & EDWARD cannot agree till term abovesaid then Edward to choose his own guardian.  Son SEITH to build sone EDWARD a dwelling house of 20 ft wide & 30 ft long with 2 outside chimneys on the land given in my will.
Son RICHARD full produce of 1000 lbs of 2758 lbs. tobacco shipped for England by Capt John Rude's Commander of the Hopewell, of London as pr bill of lading;
& 1000 to daughter ELIZABETH WARD & 757 lbs to son, EDWARD.  Of 2 years remaining time of servant LYGON, the first year to son SEITH, the last year to be equally divided between my son RICHARD and my daughter ELIZABETH.  Should tobacco shipped home as above bring my sons in debt then they each to bear equal share according to proportion.
Horses and mares to son SEITH & RICHARD and daughter ELIZABETH (a horse mentioned running at the World's end.)
Remaining cattle to be equally divided among my 4 children, SETH, RICHARD, EDWARD & ELIZABETH, stocks of hogs divided among said 4 children and for the linnen and woollen and shoes and stockings to be equally divided, vis: 32 ells of Dowlas, 9 ells of Lockram, 30 ells of fine canviss, 8 1/2 ells of course canviss, 27 yds blew linnen, 7 1/2 yds broadcloth, 3 yds cotton, 3 pr worsted stockings, 1 pr of yarns, 7 pr french falls, 1 new hatt.  Yokes, chains, saws, wedges, carpenters tools to remain amongst children for each of their proper uses & all other tools belonging to the house.
Executor:  oldest son, SETH WARD.
Dated 18 April 1682.
Probated 1 August 1682.  (Henrico Records).

ROSSE, an Indian boy, belonging to EDWARD WARD (who was formerly sold by Mr. RICHARD WARD dec'd at ye Outcry made of ye estate of Captain JOHN KNOWLES dec'd] being brought by SETH WARD before this Worshipful Court is adjudged to be fifteen years old.  [Henrico Record Book 2, 1678-1693, page 120, Magazine of VA Genealogy, Vol 30, No 2.]

Richard Ward held the indenture of Simon Lygon whom his father, Seth Ward, had imported.

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