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CAPTAIN SETH WARD was born to RICHARD & ELIZABETH WARD of Varina, Henrico County, Virginia in 1661.  He died at "Sheffield", Varina, Henrico County about December 1707.  Seth Ward resided at Sheffield's Plantation three miles from Falling Creek in what became later Chesterfield County. Thomas Sheffield, the first proprietor, was slain there by Indians in 1622.  (Tyler, Lyon G.; Cradle of the Republic, 1906, p 217]

Seth Ward married ANNE HATCHER, daughter of ANNE LOUND & HENRY HATCHER, before October 24th, 1681, and by her had four known children:  SETH WARD, JOSEPH WARD, RICHARD WARD, & BENJAMIN WARD.

That CAPTAIN SETH WARD is the son of RICHARD & ELIZABETH WARD is proven by the Last Will & Testament, dated 18 April 1682, of  RICHARD WARD of Varina, Henrico, VA as witnessed by Thomas Lockett and Will Ballows, probated 1 August 1682 at Henrico (Henrico Records, Volume 1694-1701, p. 299), in which RICHARD WARD made direct references and bequests to his son SETH WARD as follows:      "To eldest son SETH WARD plantation I now live on and all the lands that shall be left in what I expressed in my will above said.  To eldest son SETH WARD, one bedstead, with curtains and vallainces, 2 flock beds with covering, one large table, and forme, one old chest, one pr doggirons, 7 pewter dishes, one gallon flagon, 6 plates and leather chair, one joint stoolek one chest, pr pott racks, one copper kettle, one brass kettle, one smoothing iron, a spit and frying pan, one couch, pr pot hooks, one powdering tub, 3 napkins, 3 pr sheets, 8 head cattle, one great iron pestle, one well bucket & chain, one ladle, one copper pot, 9 silver spoons, one seal gold ring, one silver bowl, and salt cellers, one silver dram cup . . . One half ensuing crop made by my 3 hands, Simon Lygon, Ross & Jack, either of Indian Corne or tobacco, one half to ELIZABETH and son RICHARD . . . and other half to my son SEITH . . . To son SEITH WARD, Jack my Indian Boy, and the keeping of my youngest son EDWARD WARD until he is 19 years of age and to have benefit of his labor at his disposing, and likewise benefit of Rosse, the Indian's labor the term and time abovesaid & then son EDWARD to take him into his cutody; in case sons SEITH & EDWARD cannot agree till term abovesaid then EDWARD to chooe his own guardian . . . Son Seith to build son Edward a dwelling house of 20 ft wide & 30 ft long with 2 outside chimneys on the land give in my will . . . Horses & mares to sons SEITH and RICHARD and daughter ELIZABETH (a horse mentioned running at the World's end) . . . Remaining cattle to be equally divided among my four children, SEITH, EDWARD, RICHARD, & ELIZABETH stocks of hogs divided among said 4 children, and for the linnen and woollen and shoes and stockings to be equally divided, viz:  32 ells of Dowlas, 9 ells of Lockram, 30 ells of fine canviss, 8 1/2 ells of course canviss, 27 yds blew linnen, 7 1/2 yds. broadcloth, 3 yds cotton, 3 pr. worsted stockings, 1 pr of yarns, 7 pr. french falls, one new hatt . . . Yokes, chaines, saws, wedges, carpenters tools to remain amongst children for each of their proper uses & all other tools belonging to the house."  [ From Family History: Virginia Genealogies # 2, 1600s-1800s, CD #186, pp 359-361]

Sometime between 1678 and 1693, SETH WARD obtained an Indian boy named ROSSE, belonging to EDWARD WARD "formerly sold by Mr. RICHARD WARD dec'd at ye Outcry made of ye estate of Captain JOHN KNOWLES dec'd] being brought by SETH WARD before this Worshipful Court is adjudged to be fifteen years old."  [Henrico Record Book 2, 1678-1693, page 120, Magazine of VA Genealogy, Vol 30, No 2.]

19 August 1678  HENRY LOUND, of Varina Parish, Henrico County, by deed conveyed certain personalty to his grandchildren:  ANNE HATCHER (later married Seth Ward), HENRY HATCHER, WILIAM HATCHER, & MARTHA HATCHER. (Henrico Records, Vol 1678-93, p 55).  On Sept 1, 1677 ANN relict of HENRY HATCHER, deceased, was granted administration on her deceased husband's estate. (Ibid, Vol 1677-92, p 33).  In August 1678 ANN, HENRY, WILLIAM & MARTH HATCHER are named orphans of HENRY HATCHER, dec'd, with HENRY LOUND as their guardian. (Ibid, Vol. 1677-1739, p 4).  HENRY LOUND in his will dated July 1708 probated Nov 1708 names among other parties grandson HENRY HATCHER & granddaughters ANN WARD, MARY TANNER & MARTHA BLANKS. (Ibid, Vol. 1706-1709).  A comparison of the baptismal names is conclusive as to who these parties were.  ANN (the daughter of HENRY LOUND & widow of HENRY HATCHER) married 2ndly ____ MOODY, prior to August 19, 1678 (the deed as referred to above, of HENRY LOUND to his grandchildren on that date mentions ANN MOODY, calling her "daughter" and as HENRY HATCHER's wife's baptismal name was ANN; and HENRY HATCHER's children were grandchildren of HENRY LOUND, the inference is plain. Henry Hatcher was the son of WILLIAM HATCHER (1614-1677) of Henrico County, a conspicuous character in the early days of the colony, a member of the House of Burgesses, and immigrant ancestor of the Hatcher family in Virgina. (See Virginia Magazine, Vol. 5, p 98). But, it is a matter of record (as above quoted) that in September 1708 WILLIAM BLACKMAN was ordered to give security for the estate in his hands belonging to the orphans of CAPTAIN SETH WARD; and that the names of the orphans were BENJAMIN, JOSEPH & RICHARD; and that said BLACKMAN delivered their estates into the hands of later chosen guardians of BENJAMIN and JOSEPH and into RICHARD's hands on his coming to 'lawful age."

SETH WARD was Captain of the militia for the corner of Henrico in January 1700.  (Henrico Records, Vol. 1694-1701, p 299)

No record of the will of CAPTAIN SETH WARD has been found nor has a search among original papers in the Henrico Court Clerk's Office produced the original of his will.  That SETH WARD made a will and that it was a legal document and admitted to record can be established as fact because an order of court October 1724 was entered stating that certain property was delivered to the guardians of two of SETH WARD's orphans according to the will.  "The orders of court proving the names of Captain Seth Ward's children are as follows [Source:  From Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume V, Ward Family, p 362]

"September 15, 1708, WILLIAM BLACKMAN was ordered to give security for what estate he hath in his hands belonging to orphans of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, late of Henrico Co., dec'd (Henrico Records, Vol 4, 1677-1739, p 50).  (Anne Hatcher Ward married secondly William Blackman.)

"August 1713.  Upon petition of BENJAMIN WARD & JOSEPH WARD, they are admitted to choose their guardians and thereupon BENJAMIN chooses ROBERT BURTON JR to be his guardian and JOSEPH chooses SETH WARD (eldest son of Capt Seth Ward & elder brother of said Joseph) to be his guardian, who appearing & severalling accepting the charge, JOHN STEWART & ROBERT BURTON enter themselves securities for SETH WARD & Harry Trent and Seth Ward enter themselves securities for Robert Burton.  At same court ordered Wm. Blackman to deliver unto Robert Burton guardian to Benjamin Ward the estate of said Benjamin, and that he also deliver unto Seth Ward, guardian to Joseph Ward, the estate of said Joseph, and that THOMAS BRANCH, CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, & Richard Ward [son or Richard who died 1682 & brother of Captain Seth Ward, hence uncle of Benjamin & Joseph of the order).. Or any 2 of them do see the delivery of said estates and make report to next court (Order Book 1710-1714, p 251).

October Court 1713:  CHRISTOPHER BRANCH & THOMAS BRANCH, two of persons ordered to see estate of BENJAMIN WARD delivered unto Robert Burton, Jr. his guardian and the estate of Joseph Ward delivered unto SETH WARD, his guardian, make report that in obedience to the said order they have seen the said estates delivered according to the will. (Henrico Order Book 1710-14, p 254).

That BENJAMIN, JOSEPH & RICHARD WARD (of the orders) were sons of CAPTAIN SETH WARD is proved in that WILLIAM BLACKMAN was ordered Sept 1708 to give security for estate in his hands belonging to orphans of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, deceased, and by orders Aug 1714, and Feb 1713/14, WILLIAM BLACKMAN was directed to deliver estate in his hands belonging to BENJAMIN & JOSEPH WARD to the guardians respectively chosen by them; and the estate belonging to RICHARD WARD, to said RICHARD direct. That CAPTAIN SETH WARD had also a son SETH, who was older than RICHARD, BENJAMIN & JOSEPH is proved by various records."

October 24, 1681, according to Henrico Court Records , "An Account of . . . Lycences granted in Anno 1681 & returned to Towne Jamestown, the seat of government.
Seth Ward      200  Mr. Tho. Cocke 200
Jos. Tanner         200  Mr. Jno. Gooch 200
Melchiz. Richardson 200  Lambert Tye    200
Tho. Cheatham       200            ___
               ___            600
               800            800
                              1400 (pounds tobacco)

The following record establishes that as of 20 April 1687 WILLIAM BYRD, ESQ. and SETH WARD probably knew one another as their lands bounded on one another as established in COLONIAL LAND SURVEYS, OLD CHESTERFIELD COUNTY:   WILLIAM BYRD, Esq;  Patent - ref CF#086B VPB 7 p549;  Date: 20 April Anno Domi 1687, Francis Lord Howard Govr. &c to the Honble. WILLIAM BYRD ESQR. 300 acres part being his due by a Purchase from WILLIAM GYLES by sale bearing date the 29th of March 1683. the Residue being Kings land Ref: 1820 acres Henrico Co. Virina Par. on the South side of James Riv. contract transp. of 31 pr.sons loc -65584 -10640 F127 L1 P255 - Point A) att a Corner white Oake standing in Grindons Run; line Northeast 63 poles; Peter Lee's head line - Point B) three Corner trees, being the Corners of HENRY SHERMAN's land, line NNE; 202 Poles; Henry Sherman's head line - Point C) to the line of Edward Deally line Northwest 246 Poles; Edward Deally - Point D) a Corner Pine line SWxS; 688 Poles; Cross Grindon's Run & Maine Branch of Falling Cr. - Point E) a Corner Pine line SxE; 186 Poles; - Point F) a Corner Pine line Southheast 256 Poles; - Point G) a Corner Pine nigh the line of Seth Ward line ExN; 344 Poles; SETH WARD - Point H) a Corner Ash tree Standing on the Maine River, att the mouth of the Spring Run, thence along the River line NxE.5E; 56 Poles; along the Riv. from mouth of Spring Run - Point I) the mouth of Falling Creek survey line nnw; 150 poles up Falling Creek - Point J) the mouth of Grendons Run, thence Crossing Falling Creek, survey line ; cross Falling Cr. from mouth of Grendons Run - Point K) and tendeth up Grendons Run as it Windeth & turneth survey line Northwest 100 poles up Grendons Run end.

On 12 March 1701/2 the Governor and Council of Virginia made an address of loyalty to the King.
A Similar Loyal Address was received from Henrico County:
WILLIAM BYRD        William Randolph         Peter Field
FRANCIS EPES        William Farrar      Thomas Cocke
John Worsham        Giles Webb          Jos. Royall
John Bolling        SETH WARD      GEORGE WORSHAM
Ph. Jones      William Cocke       John Cox
Richard Cocke, Jr.       Thomas Jefferson         Thomas Branch
John Worsham, Jr.        A. Childers         Francis Epes, Jr.
Abraham Womack      WILLIAM BLACKMAN

Richard Cocke       William Randolph         FRANCIS EPES
William Farrar      Thomas Cocke        John Worsham
Giles Webb          Jos. Royall         John Bolling

Headlam, Cecil, ed., Calender of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 20), America and West Indies, Jan.-Dec. 1, 1702, Preserved in the Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1912. pp. 155-160.

On 4 February 1702/3 SETH WARD, SR., RICHARD WARD, SETH WARD, and JOHN OATES witnessed the Will of ROBERT GRIGE which was then recorded 2 August 1703 at Henrico County Court on page 342: to godson JOHN COCKE my troopers armes and 20 shillings. To MARY WARD my goddaughter, 20 shillings.  To EDWARD BRANCH my godson, 20 shillings; to EDWARD WARAD, my coat, jacket & britches I bought at John Woodson's store; to JOHN CLARK, clothes; to JANE GOWER, all lmy lands, goods, and chattels and to be sole executyrix.

Sometime before December 1707 CAPTAIN SETH WARD apparently died, leaving behind a widow, ANNE HATCHER WARD, sons SETH, RICHARD, JOSEPH, & BENJAMIN WARD. His widow, ANNE, married secondly WILLIAM BLACKMAN.

December 1707 WILLIAM BLACKMAN having by his petition to this court set forth that Captain Seth Ward's brother, EDWARD WARD " by his misrepresentation obtained an order at the last court for laying open a road which leads through the plantation whereon he (your petitioner) now lives belonging to the orphans of SETH WARD dec'd." (Henrico Court Order Book 1707-09, p. 11).

April 1708 Mr. SETH WARD, son of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, appeared in Henrico Court for 3 days as evidence in difference between WILLIAM BLACKMAN and his uncle EDWARD WARD (Ibid, 1707-09, p 30).

April 1708 JOHN CLARK gave evidence in behalf of RICHARD WARD in a difference depending between WILIAM BLACKMAN and EDWARD WARD concerning stopping of a road. (Ibid, 1707-09), p 32.  (Richard Ward mentioned in this order is evidently Richard, son of Captain Seth Ward, and the eldest of the then minor orphans whose property was in Blackman's hands.)

April 1708.  The order for a road granted EDWARD WARD, brother of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, through the plantation whereon he now lives belonging to orphans of SETH WARD dec'd is reversed.  (Ibid, 1707-09, p. 33). (Note one month later in May 1708 EDWARD WARD quietly departed Henrico County, Virginia and removed to North Carolina.)

By May 1708 Captain Seth Ward's brother, EDWARD WARD, had permanently departed from Henrico County, Virginia probably due to his legal problems and had removed to North Carolina as proven in record of a suit in Henrico County:  "EDWARD WARD  being privately deparated out of this county indebted to ROBERT BOLLING & Company." (Ibid, Order Book 1707-09, p 39.  And with this mention EDWARD WARD disappeared from the records of Henrico County, VA. From the above records it would indicate that EDWARD WARD had problems with his sister-in-law, Ann Hatcher's second husband, WILLIAM BLACKMAN.  Also he had financial problems relative to Robert Bolling and Company. He later appeared in the records of Craven County, North Carolina.  In 1708/09 he witnessed a deed in Beaufort County, NC. It appears that EDWARD WARD quietly departed Henrico County in May 1708 and removed to North Carolina. (Edward's daughter, SARAH WARD was married to Henry Farmer & she stayed in Henrico County.  His sons, ENOCH WARD & EDWARD WARD removed to North Carolina; it is not known what became of his son, JOHN WARD.)

November 1712 SETH WARD petitioned for a cart road layed out from his plantation where he now lives to a small piece of land which he lately purchased of RICHARD WARD; appears said road must pass through certain lands in possession of WILLIAM BLACKMAN.  Referred to next court. (Ibid Order Book 1710-14, p. 192).

February 1712/13 SETH WARD vs WILLIAM BLACKMAN & ANNE, his wife, petition. for cart to pass through land of said WILLIAM & ANNE to a piece of land lately purchased by said SETH WARD of RICHARD WARD; ordered that cart may be granted ye said SETH to pass through ye defendants land on ye river bank.  THOMAS BRANCH & CHRISTOPHER BRANCH ordered to lay out said way. (Ibid, Order Book, 1710-14, p. 203).  July 1720 the will of WILLIAM BLACKMAN, deceased, presented by JOSEPH WARD, his executor and proved by oaths of HENRY ANDERSON & THOMAS BRANCH, two of the witnesses thereto, and admitted to record:  HENRY SOANE & BENJAMIN WARD, securities for JOSEPH WARD the executor. (Henrico Court, Order Book 1719-24, p. 34.)

CAPTAIN SETH WARD was the only Ward living in Henrico County in July 1708 when HENRY LOUND made his will naming granddaughter, ANN WARD.  He could have been the only Ward married to Ann for Captain Seth Ward's brothers at the time were married:  Richard Ward to Elizabeth Blackman; Edward Ward to a daughter of Gilbert Elam.  It is believed that Ann, Captain Seth Ward's widow, married 2ndly William Blackman. ( From Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume V, Ward Family, p 366)CAPTAIN SETH WARD died prior to December 1707, at which date, WILLIAM BLACKMAN, was living on the plantation belonging to the orphans of SETH WARD, dec'd. (Order Book 1707-09, p. 11); WILLIAM BLACKMAN had in his 'possession or 'hands' (the court orders never once state that he was guardian) the estates of BENJAMIN, JOSEPH, & RICHARD WARD, orphans of SETH WARD and it appears that in Feb 1712/13 when SETH (an older son of CAPTAIN SETH WARD) was petitioning for a cart road out to the river that the land through which it was to pass is designated as belonging to WILLIAM BLACKMAN and ANN, his wife,  It seems not at all improbably that in reality WILLIAM BLACKMAN married the widow of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, some time after July 1708, when HENRY LOUND made his will naming granddaughter, ANN WARD, and thus it was that the property of CAPTAIN SETH WARD's minor children came into his 'possession or 'hands.'  It is quite evident that the ANN WARD, so named in Lound's will had been born ANN HATCHER.  Captain SETH WARD was the only Ward at that time living in Henrico (so far as the records show) who could have been the husband of the said ANN; for CAPTAIN SETH WARD's brothers at that time were married, viz:  RICHARD WARD to ELIZABETH BLACKMAN; EDWARD WARD to a daughter of GILBERT ELAM. Therefore on the strength (admittedly but slight) of the circumstantial evidence above given it is tentatively stated that CAPTAIN SETH WARD married ANN, daughter of HENRY and ANN (LOUND) HATCHER and that ANN, widow of CAPTAIN SETH WARD married 2ndly WILLIAM BLACKMAN.   (Genealogies of VA. Families, Vol V, p 366)

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