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SOWEGE "Gliding Swan" a Pekowi Shawnee  married JACOB CASTLE, the famous Longhunter, known as WHITE TASSEL, 1736 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She changed her name to MARY ELIZABETH CASTLE. She was a Kispokotha ( Warrior Clan) Shawnee. Waupaathee is swan in Shawnee, therefore Sowega must denote some effeminant action of a swan.,perhaps "Gliding Swan" or "Swimming Swan". The Shawnee had 34 tribes (gens or clans) or name groups, as they are sometimes refered by. The Shawnee child is named by the elder of the tribe or gen of that particular division of the nation. In this case it would be the Kispokotha (Warrior Clan). "They generally bestow a name descriptive of some act of the animal or bird which is the totem of the infant named". (Trowbridge:1939,p.26)."   "Women receive names within their totem tha convey an idea of softness or effeminacy".  In general Shawnee "names are always more or less descriptive of some event which has occured,or of particular anticipated points in the character of the person, or of the animal which is their totem or name group." ( Towbridge:1939,p.27) Therefore it is fairly safe to assume that Sowege is a name that identifies some effeminate nature of behavior of a swan.

Sowege's husband JACOB CASSELL/CASTLE was born 1717 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to German immigrant PETER KASSEL/CASSEL of Kriegsheim, Alzey-Worms, Palitinate and CATHERINE ELIZABETH HOBART of Germantown, Pennsylvania.  Peter Cassel was the son of German immigrants, Johannes Cassel (1639-1691) and Mary Op Den Graeff of  Kreigsheim and were original settlers of Germantown.   Jacob Cassell was a famous Longhunter, believed to be an albino who was more comfortable among Native Americans than the whites.  Jacob had more than four native wives and twenty known children, though Sowege was his primary wife.

Sowege and Jacob Cassell/Castle together had nine children:
  1. VALENTINE CASSEL who was born 1736 in Lancaster Co., PA; died 4 Sep 1804 in Augusta County, Virginia' married 15 October 1751 to Maria Margaretha Wilfong in Lancaster, PA.
  2. MARY CAWAKAWACHI CASTLE who was born 1738 in Lancaster Co., PA; died after 1765; she married in 1755 a Pekowi Shawnee and lived among the Shawnee.
  3. RACHEL CASTLE who was born 1740 in Orange County, Virginia; was living in 1755 in Virginia; married c1754 to JOHN PATRICK VANCE in Lee County, Virginia.
  4. ELIJAH CASTLE, born 1742 in Orange County, Virginia.
  5. CATHERINE CASTLE, born 1744 in Lee County, Virginia; living in 1773 possibly in Augusta County, Virginia; married 1760 to John "Old John" FULK in Rockingham County, Virginia.
  6. BENJAMIN CASTLE, born 1746 in Castle's Woods, Russell County, Virginia; died bef 5 Aug 1779 in Montgomery County, Virginia.
  7. JACOB CASTLE, JR., born 1749 in Augusta County, Virginia; died 1848 at Copper Creek, Russell County, Virginia at age 99; married MARY SHANE (Shawnee/Cherokee) in 1769 at Lee County, Virginia.
  8. LITTLETON CASTLE, born 1752 possibly at Augusta County, Virginia' living 20 Feb 1800 in Lee County Virginia; married to Mrs. Rebeccah Castle.
  9. JOSEPH CASTLE, born 1755 in Castle's Woods, Russell County, virginia; died c 28 Feb 1804 in Russell County.
On 6 January 1750 a letter from SAMUEL ECKERLIN to ALEXANDER MACK, was published in The Pennsylvania Berichte, a Germantown newspaper, and includes a reference to a family named KASSEL on the Little River and probably refers to JACOB CASTLE:    "Upon this occasion I want to report to you about the great inundations which occurred on the 25th of August, a little past midnight, on the Roanoke and the area northeast of it. Our river as well as the Little River were also very high but nobody here suffered mentionable damage. On the Roanoke, however, and other nearby places there was much damage. At several spots entire hills were swept down and leveled and several tracts of bottom land, all inhabited, were filled with so much gravel and sand that they can no longer be lived on. This I have seen myself. Also, houses and barns were carried away and with them a great deal of the crop. The Roanoke was a mile wide at several places and the water rose to 15 feet above otherwise dry land. Since you are familiar with this area, I want to give you details about several places as follows: One mile below TOBIAS BREIT a man and a child were drowned; a woman managed to save herself on a tree; livestock was practically all drowned because the water rose so suddenly and right at midnight that none could have been driven away. The house of HENRICH BRAUN with whom we stayed has been torn up. Clad in nothing but their shirts they got away with their children, the water reaching up to their arms. His three cows in the field were carried 3 miles downstream by the waters where they gained firm land alive. PETER KINTER and his wife found a horrible end. They were not yet asleep but had been drinking together, were in good cheer and thought of no danger till the water suddenly rose up to the house and no more escape was possible. So they retreated to the attic. No sooner had they reached it than the water rose up to them. They placed boards on the collar beam and sat on them. When the water reached up to their arms and no more flight seemed possible, he lost heart and told his people: He believed that this was another deluge and the Last Judgment had come. He asked his wife to give him a kiss. As he grabbed her, both slid from the board and away with the waters. Those who were with them on the boards saw no more of them.  KASSEL's wife and children and their old mother were in the house at the same time. They all survived up on the collar beam save for a small child whom PETER KINTER's wife had on her lap. It drowned with them. After daybreak, the others found out that they had been carried with the upper part of the house for a mile into some woods. They found a rope and tied it to a tree so that they would not be carried any further until the waters subsided or someone would come to their rescue. After a few days, PETER KINTER's wife was found dead and naked hanging on a tree with one arm. And several days later he was also found. But he had no more head and only one arm. Maybe some wild animal had already feasted on him."   The Kassel mentioned above was more than likely Jacob Castle.

The name Shawnee means "southerner". It was said that the Shawnee, a large and united tribe were on of the early historic groups of southern Indiana, but this has been questioned due to conflicting reports. The Shawnee considered the Delaware the "grandfathers" of the Shawnee tribe and the source for all the Algonquin tribes.  Shawnee comes from the Algonquin word "shawun" (shawunogi) meaning "southerner."  However, this referred to their original location in the Ohio Valley relative to other Great Lakes Algonquin rather than a homeland in the American southeast. Shawnee usually prefer to call themselves the Shawano - sometimes given as Shawanoe or Shawanese. South Carolina colonists knew them as the Savannah or Savannuca. Other names: Ani-Sawanugi (Cherokee), Chaouanons (Chauenon) (French), Chaskpe (Chaouesnon) (French), Chiouanon (Seneca), Cumberland Indians, Ontwagnnn (Iroquois "one who stutters"), Oshawanoag (Ottawa), Satana (Iroquois), Shawala (Lakota), and Touguenha (Iroquois). More about the history of the Shawnee.

Pekowi  (Bicowetha or Pequa) was the name of one of the five divisions (or bands) of the Shawnee, a Native American people, during the 18th century. The other four divisions were the Chalahgawtha, Mekoche, Kispoko, and Hathawekela. Together these divisions formed the loose confederacy that was the Shawnee tribe.

All five Shawnee division names have been spelled in a great variety of ways. Variations of the name "Pekowi" are reflected in many place names in the United States, including Piqua, Pickawillany, Pickaway, and Pequea.

The Shawnee were living in northwestern Indiana by 1788, but some bands of the tribe roamed around Indiana and in April of that same year, Kakinathucca’s band were hunting and making sugar in the southwestern part of Indiana. When the sugar making was done they the moved toward Vincennes, near where the Ohio and White Rivers meet and here the women of the tribe planted their crops. The men of the tribe were warriors and the care of the crops was the responsibilities of the women. Many of the tribal ceremonies were centered around the agricultural cycle. In the spring when it was time to plant they performed the corn dance. When the crops were ripe they did the Green Corn Dance and at harvest time it was the Autumn Bread Dance to celebrate the harvest. When the harvest was done the band moved again, north toward Fort Wayne.  It was in the village near the White River where the Shawnee "Prophet" had his vision and he and his brother started their campaign among the central woodland tribes for the tribes return to the native way of life. The Prophet gained many followers but only a few Shawnee supported his ideas.

The Shawnee were divided into five divisions, the Pekowi, Chalakatha, the Theawikila, Kispola, and Miskohe. Each division had their own war chief, peace chief, woman chief, messenger and sacred bundle.

The Chalakatha and the Pekowi had established villages in Indiana and TECUMSEH and his brother the Prophet belonged by birth to the Kishpolo division.

The tribal chiefs were chosen from either the Chalakatha or the Thawikila divisions. Each division was divided into a number of partilatineal or gens groups. An individual’s name referred directly to some the animal or a characteristic of the animal that the gen took their name.

"So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home."

Chief Tecumseh, Shawnee Nation


SETH WARD may have immigrated to Virginia from Bassingbourn, Cambridge, England.  He was the immigrant ancestor of the Ward family of Henrico, later Chesterfield, Amelia, Nottoway, Lunenburg, Charlotte, Lee and other counties in Virginia and North Carolina.  SETH WARD and CAPTAIN JOHN WARD of England and Henrico, Virginia were probably kinsmen, but certainly they were not sons of the notable BISHOP SETH WARD of England.  He may be the grandson of SETH WARD of Abbington, Cambridgeshire, England who died in 1598 and left a will.

SETH WARD may be related, though no direct proof has yet been found, as son or brother of Ancient Planter CAPTAIN JOHN WARDE of early Virginia as described in a will found in the Prerogative Court  of Canterbury, 51 Lewyn, written on February 14th, 1598 by SETH WARD of Abbington, Cambridgeshire, England, yeoman, proved June 20th 1598 by JOHN WARDE. SETH WARD named in his will his wife, ANNIS/ANNE; sons, JOHN WARDE, ENOS WARDE, and THOMAS WARDE; Daughters MARIE WARDE and ANNE JACOB; Grandchildren JOHN WARDE and SETH WARDE, sons of testator's son JOHN WARDE; Brother ROBERT WARD; Sister WILSONNE; Grandchildren ANNE WARD (daughter of JOHN WARDE), MARTHA WARD, ALICE WARD and MARIE WARD.  The testator, SETH WARD, owned lands in Litlington and Stephen Norden, Cambridgeshire.  He made bequests to JOHN WARDE "the sonne of my said sonne JOHN WARDE tenn pounds of lawfull English monie to be paid unto him at the age of one and twentie yeares; also I give unto SETH WARD, his brother, the somme of tenn pounds of like lawfull English monie to be paide unto him at the age of one and twentie yeares."

Captain JOHN WARDE, Ancient Planter, and SETH WARDE appeared at the same time in the same locality in Virginia, each holding lands in Henrico County and along the James River.  The Ancient Planter JOHN WARDE was in Virginia by 1616. A census taken March-May 1619 enumerated twenty-six men, no women or children on "CAPTAYNE WARDES PLANTATION."  Records state that CAPTAIN JOHN WARDE arrived in Virginia on the ship Sampson on 22 April 1619 and left the next month to fish as far north as Maine. Researcher Mary Ward states that a record found in The Compendium of American Genealogy that traces SETH WARD of Henrico County, VA to CAPT. JOHN WARD, however, no record of JOHN WARD has been found that specifically names SETH WARD as his son. ( Note:  Seth Ward was in Henrico County, Virginia no later than February 11, 1632 when he was granted a lease for 21 years in the upper parts of Henrico County. Captain John Ward's land was located on the other side of the James River in Surry County, across the river from Jamestown and Williamsburg. Seth Ward did not qualify as an Ancient Planter as he arrived after 1616.)

Ancient Planter was a designation given as follows:  " A colonist in Virginia by the year 1616 was entitled to 100 acres of land provided he paid his own passage and had dwelt in the Colony for three years when application for land was made.  In accordance with a predetermined policy of the Virginia Company, no individiual assignments of land were made during the first seven years of the Colony's existence.  The policy of granting patents for acreage to settlers was inagurated during the later part of the time of Sir Thomas Dale, Governor from 1611-1616.  Those entitled to this land were designated as Ancient Planters." (Jamestowne Society Newsletter, April 2006, "Chronicle of Jamestowne Ancestors", by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis)

On May 30th 1634, the governor of Virginia issued a land patent to SEATH WARD, Planter, of Varina in the upper part, a land patent, 60 aces in the upper parts, within the Corporation of Henrico, West upon the land of DANIEL SHURLEY {Shirley} extending Easterly towards a tree known as Powhatan Tree and abutting Southerly upon Three Mile Swamp, and Nly. into the maine woods, 21 year lease expiring May 30, 1655.  (Patent Book 1, Part 1, p. 148) (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, p 19)

On July 14th, 1637, Seth's son, RICHARD WARD, received a patent for 100 acres in Varina, Henrico County, adjoining JOHN BAKER, etc.  -- 50 acres due for his "own personal adventure" indicating that he was an immigrant to Virginia and an additional 50 acres by purchase (Virginia Patent Book 1, Page 440). (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1,) According to Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666, RICHARD WARD was imported into Virginia in the year 1636, by Capt. John Chelsman, Charles River County.  Also in 1635 RICHARD WARD was shown to be imported into Virginia by John Cheeseman, Charles River County. (John Chelsman and John Cheeseman are more than likely one and the same man.)

The SETH WARD patent was land previously home to THOMAS SHEFFIELD and his family from 1619 to 1622.  THOMAS SHEFFIELD had received a royal land grant of 2,300 acres from the Crown of England;  he and his family were tragically killed in an Indian Massacre on February 22, 1622. From 1622 to 1634 the land remained uninhabited until the Indians and settlers reached an agreement and it was safe for the settlers to return to the area.  SETH WARD acquired the Sheffield property in 1634. RICHARD GREGORY of Dinwiddie bought about 1,000 acres from another SETH WARD sometime between 1797 - 1805 and built the house that sits on the property today.  Other owners of the land were MR. GREGORY's son and later his granddaughter LAVINA and her husband, MAJOR AUGUSTUS DREWRY; during this time the Confederates built a fort there known as Fort Darling at Drewry's Bluff. After the Civil War Drewry traded the farm to CAPTAIN JAMES B. JONES, a confederate officer who had served at Fort Darling.  In 1887 the entire property was sold to JAMES BELLWOOD of Canada, and an agriculturist.  With his three sons JAMES BELLWOOD turned the 2,400 acres into a model farm.  In June 1941 the U. S. Army bought the land from the BELLWOOD sons who negotiated for the Army to take care of the elk that their father had placed on the land.  The old home is used as an Officer's Club today.  The property is the present site of the DEFENSE SUPPLY CENTER RICHMOND.

SETH WARD of Varina married KATHERINE SMITH and had son, RICHARD WARD, who was a Justice of Henrico County in 1666. His son, RICHARD WARD, married ELIZABETH _____ and died in 1682 having issue:  (1) a son, RICHARD WARD, who married MARTHA BRANCH, ELIZABETH BLACKMAN, & MRS. MARY JONES and had at least one son RICHARD WARD who removed to Carteret County, NC in or before 1746; (2) a son, EDWARD WARD,  who married a daughter of GILBERT ELAM SR.; (3) daughter, ELIZABETH WARD; and (4) possibly a son, JOHN WARD, who married HANNAH ____.

"Virginia Gleanings in England"  states that on Feburary 1, 1650 SETH WARD sold acreage to MORGAN PIERCE (Henrico County records, Volume 1677-92, page 239) that SETH WARD held as a patent for 350 acres of land in the vicinity of Varina, Henrico County, 150 acres by a former patent and 50 acres by purchase from JOHN BAKER and 150 acres for transportation of three persons (Virginia Patent Book 1, page 946).

On 22 November 1643 SETH WARD patented 350 acres in the vicinity of Varina, Henrico County of which 1250 acres by a former patent and 50 acres by purchase from JOHN BAKER and 150 acres for transporting of three persons.  (Virginia Patent Book No. 1, page 946).  SETH WARD sold this land to MORGAN PIERCE on February 1, 1650 (Henrico County Records, Volume 1677-1692, p 239).  The patent in Henrico County as recorded in Virginia Patents 1 on page 946, Library of Virginia Digital Collection, Land Office Patents and Grants.   It reads as follows:  SETH WARD  his Pattent  for 350  acres of Land Examd,   To all & C.  Whereas &c.  Now know yee that I the said. Sr:  WILLIAM BERKELEY Knt. doe with the advice and Consent of the Councell of State accordingly Give grant and Confirme unto SETH WARD three hundred & fifty acres of Land in the County of Henrico bounded (vizt) North north west up by ye side of the two Myle Creek South South west over against Varina, East South East upon the three myle Swamp takeing in the said Swamp North north east Extending in breadeth towards the foure Mile Creeke, and bounded at the End with a runing brooke (Called roundabout) the said three hundred and fifty acres of Land being due unto the said SETH WARD as followeth (vizt) one hundred & Fifty acres by Virtue of a former Pattent bearing date ye 13th of Feby 1635 and fifty acres by purchase from JNO. BAKER of a pattent bearing date the last of May 1636 and one hundred and fifty acres more by and for the transportacon of three persons into the Collony whose names are in the records mentioned under this pattent, To Have & to Hold &c.  To be held &c. yielding and paying unto our said Soveraigne Lord the King his heires & successors for every fifty acres of Land herein by these presents Granted and Given yearely at the feast of St. Michael the Arch-Angell the fee rent of one shilling to his Majesties use which payment is to be made for one hundred and fifty acres seaven yeares after the date of ye 13th of ffebry 1637 and for fifty acres seven yeares after the date of the last of May 1636 and for the remainder seven yeares after the date hereof and not before &c. dated 22th of (November) 1643

On July 14, 1637 RICHARD WARD patented 100 acres in Varina, Henrico County, adjoining JOHN BAKER; 50 acres for "his own personal adventure" and 50 acres by purchase (Virginia Patent Book No. 1, page 440).  SETH WARD's land patented in 1643 included land purchased from JOHN BAKER. According to "Virginia Gleanings in Virginia" this RICHARD WARD has always been deemed to be a son of SETH WARD.  RICHARD WARD moved to the southside of the James River and on March 9, 1665 patented 1,337 acres on the river and Falling Creek (Virginia Patent Book 5, page 164).  He served as a magistrate in Henrico County in 1666 and died in 1682 leaving four children:  eldest son, SETH WARD; RICHARD WARD, second son; EDWARD WARD, youngest son; and ELIZABETH WARD, daughter.

On 1 November 1640 SETH WARD sold 200 acres purchased of WILLIAM WORSHAM 200 acres in Henrico County. [Wm. Worsham :& George Worsham, 400 acres, Henrico County, 15 Feb 1652, p 23.  200 acres part hereof lying at the old Towne at Appomattox River siding SW by the Old Towne Creek upon John Coogney's land extending NE upon Mrs. DOROTHY CLERK (sic Clarke), widow; and 200 acres being part of the old Towne aforesaid, bounded from the S by W corner of said Worshams first 200 acres upon the head of the said land N by E, thence into the woods towards Swifts Creek &c 200 acres being part of a patent granted unto William Clarke deceased, 6 May 1638, and by said Clarke sold unto Seth Ward from whom it was purchased by Willliam Worsham, 2 November 1640; and 200 acres for transport of 4 persons:  Henry White, Jo. Plummer, Susan Chiles, Sarah Chiles; Oliver Green, land due for.] Source:  Cavaliers & Pioneers, p 237-238.  This patent was mentioned as follows in a patent to JOHN WILSON, 100 acres, Henrico Co., N side of Appomattox, 24 Sep 1667 (Patent Book 6, p 54) beg. at the river side @@ by N.  Nly along an old known fence being line parting his & Orphants of George & Will Wworsham &c. adj. his own land &c. Due for trans of 7 persons dated 6 May 1638 & the other 25 Sep 1663. Sd. 100 acres being part of a dvdt. purchased by WM. CLARKE containin 1100 acs. granted him by Sir John Havey late Govt. 6 May 1638; sold to LEONARD LANGTON 29 Oct 1638 who sold to SEATH WARD 3 Jan 1639 as by record of said deed at James City 24 Sept 1640 & assighnment endorsed may appear & for better confirmation the Widow DOROTHY CLARKE did afterwards surrender same to SEATH WARD at a court held at Varina 25 Mar 1640, who at a Ct. held at Varina 9 Nov 1640 assigned to Wm. Worsham 3200 acs. part oe 300 acs. lying at the Old Towne Cr. ^ by dec dated 2 Nov 1640 & endorced & C.  Said WARD for good consideration assigned the other 100 acres to MICHAEL MASTERS 28 Oct 1642 at a Court held at Varina at which Court said Masters surrended up said 100 acres to HENRY ROWEN who in like manner at the same Court surrendered same to PETER FEEPOND who at the same Court surrended to said WILSON.

On 22 November 1643, SETH WARD, recorded 350 acres, Henrico County, page 946, NNW up the Two Mile Creek, SSW over against Varina, ESE upon Three Mile Swamp, extending towards Four Mile Creek & bounded at the end with a running brook called a roundabout.  150 acres by former patent;  50 acres by purchase from JNO. BAKER & 150 acres for transport of 3 persons:  JNO WILKERSON, ROBERT FLEETE, JNO. MILLER.  [Source:  Cavaliers & Pioneers 151-152]

In 1682 died in 1682 leaving four children:  eldest son, SETH WARD; RICHARD WARD, second son; EDWARD WARD, youngest son; and ELIZABETH WARD, daughter.

In 1687 Henrico County Records, page 287, state "Upon ye petition of SETH WARD, These may certify that there is due unto him three hundred fifty acres of Land for ye importation of seven persons (whose names are underwritten) into this Colony:  Proof thereof being brought into Court made according to Law viz: EDWARD WISE, THOMAS STANNING, ANNE HEWITT, WILL BLAST, SIMON LIGON, MARY SPENCER, and ELIZABETH TURNER.

On 22 November 1643 SETH WARD  received a land patent , 350 acres, Henrico County, NNW up the Two Mile Creek, SSW over against Varine, ESE upon Three Myle Swamp, exting towards Four Myle Creek & bounded at the end with a running brook called roundabout; 150 acres by former patent, 50 acres by purchase from JOHN BAKER, and 150 acres for transport of 3 persons:  JOHN WILKESON, ROBERT FLEETE, and JOHN MILLER.  (Patent Book 1, Part II, p 946 & Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, pp 151-152)

[NOTE:   One source states that one of these imported individuals by Seth Ward prior to 1643 was SIMON LYGON, who may have been the brother of THOMAS LYGON.  SIMON LIGON was indentured to SETH WARD for his importation and worked for Seth’s son, RICHARD WARD as Richard’s will mentioned him. Robert Thompson imported a second Simon Lygon in 1688. This researcher has found no documents to date to prove that Seth Ward imported Simon Ligon into Virginia as of 10/29/03.]

SETH WARD purchased additional land of one WILLIAM CLARKE which he sold to WILLIAM WORSNAM on 2 November 1640, proven by a land patent (Patent Book 3, p 23)  dated 5 July 1653 belonging to  WILLIAM WORSNAM (WORSHAM) & GEORGE WORSNAM (WORSHAM) who filed a patent for 400 acres, Henrico County, Patent Book 3, page 23; 200 acres being part hereof lying at the old Towne at Appamattox River bounding E upon said River, siding SW by the Old Towne Creek upon John Coogney's land, extendinging NE upon land of Mrs. DOROTHY CLERK, widow; 200 acres being part of the old Towne aforesaid, bounded from the S by W, corner of said WORSNAM's first 200 acres, upon the head of the said land N by E, thence   into the woods towards Swifts Creek &c.; 200 acres being part of a patent granted WILLIAM CLARKE, dec'd, 6 May 1638, & by said CLARKE sould unto SETH WARD
from whom it was purchased by WILLIAM WORSNAM on 2 November 1640; & 200 acres for transport of 4 person:  Henry White, Jo. Plummer, Susan Chiles, Sarah Chiles,; Oliver Green, land due for.  (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, p 239)  The transaction is further proven by JOHN WILSON's patent dated 6  June 1666 (Patent Book 5, page 504) for 100 acres, Henrico Co., N side of Appomattox River, part of 100 acres purcahsed of WM. CLARKE which was granted by patent6 May 1638 & by him sould to LEONARD LAUGHTON 29 Oct 1638, who sould to SETH WARD on 3 January 1639 as by record of said deed at James City 24 September 1640 & assignments endorsed may appeare; & for better confirmation the Widdow DORATHY CLARKE surrendered the land to SEATH WARAD at a Court held at Varina 9 Novembe 1640 surrendered to WM. WORSNAM 200 acres being part of 300 acres at the Ould Towne Creek as by the records of that Court  & by a deed of sayle thereof dated 2 Nov. 1640 & assignment theron doth appeare; said SEATH WARD for good consideration, assigned the other 100 acres to MICHAELL MASTERS at a Court held at Variana 28 Oct 1642 & said Masters at the same Court surrendered the 100 acres to HENRY ROWEN who at the same Ct. in like manner assigned same to PETER FREEPOND who at the same Ct. assigned said 100 acres to said WILSON; beginning at ther iver side, running W by N 1/3 Nly, along an old knowne fence being the line parting said WILSON & the Orphans of GEORGE & WM. WORSHAM &c.  (Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol 1, p 556)  (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 2, p 37 - Patent Book 6, p 135, patent of George Worshan daed 29 April 1668)

 In 1650 Seth Ward transferred 350 acres to MORGAN PIERCE and they repatented it to FRANCIS PIERCE and WILLIAM PIERCE in 1667.  (Source unknown, further proof needed)

On 24 September 1667, FRANCIS PERCE & WILLIAM PERCE patented 350 acres, Henrico Couny, N side of James River, Patent Book 6, page 53; NNW on 2 Mile Creek, SSW against Varina, ESE upon 3 Mile Creek swamp, taking in the swamp, NNE towards 4 Mile Creek & bounded with a running brooke called the Rowndaboute.  Granted to SEATH WARD viz:  150 acres, 13 Sept. 1635; 50 acres purchased from JOHN BAKER, last of May 1636, & 150 acres 17 Nov. 1643 for transport of 3 persons:  Jonathan Blanchard, Elizabeth Gibbin, & Henry Chaddocke.  (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 2, p 15)

On 29 Septemer 1668 JOHN BROWNE patented 110 acres, Henrico County, N side of James River, Patent Book 6, page 189, adjacent SEATH WARD, Radford's line &c. for transport of 3 persons:  Elenor Willis, Jone Davis, Phyllis ___.  (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 2, p 49)

The following Colonial Survey report indicates that WILLIAM BYRD & SETH WARD were in close proximity to one another:  WILLIAM BYRD:  Patent - mos XBHSG Date: 20 Apr 1686 ref [Patent Book 7:549] to WILLIAM BYRD, 1820 acres Ref: 1820 acres Henrico/Falling Creek Grindons Run (Henry Sherman, SETH WARD loc 10215 -17298 F127 L0 P255 - Point A) Peter Lees Corner White oak in Grindon's Run HYD line Northeast 63 poles on Lees head line - Point B) Three Corner trees Corner of Henry Sherman line NNE; 202 poles on his headline - Point C) Line of Edward Deally line Northwest 246 poles - Point D) Corner pine line SWxS; 688 poles crossing Grindon's Run & main branch of Falling Creek - Point E) Corner pine line SxE; 186 poles - Point F) Corner pine line Southheast 256 poles - Point G) Corner pine nigh the line of SETH WARD line ExN; 344 poles on his line - Point H) Corner ash on main River HYD at mouth of Spring Run line NxE. 50pE; 56 poles along river - Point I) Mouth of Falling Creek HYD survey line ; up Creek with meanders 300 acres purchd of William Giles 29 March 1683 residue King's land" Sta. 6: poles from 44 to 344 - Quality of survey: Well located.  [COLONIAL LAND SURVEY REPORTS]  In Patent Book 7, page 549, this deed is recorded and the statement is made "crossing the maine branch of Falling Creek, nigh SETH WARD, to mouth of the Spring Run. (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 2, p 305)

About 1 August 1682 SETH WARD'S son, RICHARD WARD, died leaving four children:  eldest son, SETH WARD; RICHARD WARD, second son; EDWARD WARD, youngest son; and ELIZABETH WARD, daughter; as proven by Richard Ward's will.

Excerpts taken from: VIRGINIA GENEALOGIES 1600's - 1800's, Family Tree Makers Family Archives, CD 186:    "SETH WARD (the first of the name in Virginia) was in Henrico County as early as 1634 and was a planter. Seth's son, RICHARD WARD, was a magistrate in 1666, and in the list of Heads of Families 1679, appears as 'Mr. RICHD WARD, SEN.."  He died in 1682 disposing, by will of a substantial estate; probably a thousand acres of land, three servants (one of whom was an indentured servant and one an Indian." (p 762)  . . . SETH WARD  is the earliest ancestor to whom the WARD family of Henrico County has been traced; branches of which family lived at a later date in Amelia, Nottoway, Chesterfield, Prince Edward, Charlotte and Lunenburg Counties, Virginia, and in North Carolina.  The destruction of the Henrico County Records prior to 1677 and the fragmentary condition of this county's records since that date creates a problem in genealogy quite difficult of solution; but with a view to establishing certain heretofore circumstantially evident, though unproved, connections of Wards of post revolutionary date, with the original Wards of Henrico, an extensive search has been made in the remaining records in Henrico, the records of Chesterfield, Lunenburg, Cumberland, Amelia, Charlotte, and Nottoway, and the land patents in Richmond, in order to obtain whatever data these records might afford by wal of wills, deeds, and court orders.  (The research of the Ward family history was made at the request of Prof. E. F. Humphrey of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. Seth Ward was not the immigrant ancestor of the family.  For a note on Varina and its location, see Tyler's Cradle of the Republic, page 227.)  . . .  The earliest recorded mention of SETH WARD is as follows:  By order of Court 11 Feby 1632 that all such planters or persons whatsoever who shall have no land due unto them by adventure or otherwise should have certain quantity granted unto them by lease for 21 years, therefore under this provision, to SEATH WARD of VARINA, in the upper parts, planter, three score acres of land in the upper parts in corporation of Henrico; adjoining DANIEL SHERLEY, Powhatan's Three, Three mile swamp, dated 30 May 1634; Register of the Land Office, Patent Book I, p. 148.  . . . On November (9br) 12th, 1643, a patent for 150 acres of land was issued to SETH WARD as follows:  SETH WARD, 350 acres, Henrico Co., bounded NNW by side of twoe myle creek:  SSW 'over against Varina': ESE upon three myle swamp taking in said swamp extending in breadth towards the foure mile creek bounded at the end by a running brook called the roundabout; due as followest 150 acres  by virtue of a former patent dated 13 Feb 1635 and 50 acres by purchase from JOHN BAKER of a patent dated last of May 1635 & 150 acres more by and for transportation of 3 persons viz: JNO. WILKERSON, FLEETE, JNO. MILLER, into the colony.  Dated 9ber 12th, 1643. (Register of the Land Office, Patent Book I, p.946) (17 July 1637, John Baker, patent 200 acres, Henrico Co. near Varinas, adjoining land of Seth Ward & lands now in possession of John Baker & Wm. Davis, extending towards Cpt. Davis's bottoms. VA. Magazine VI, p 405). . . . The only other reference to SETH WARD that has been found is of a 'bill of sale of the aforementioned land  (i.e. 150 acres between Four Mile Creek & Two Mile Creek, patent 13 Feb 1635 by West, as governor, and renewed by Berkeley, as governor, on Nov 17, 1643, to SETH WARD, with addition of 50 acres purchased of JOHN BARBAR, dated May 1, 1636, and 150 acres more added thereto) 350 acres from SEATH [Seth] WARD to MORGAN PIERCE, dated February 1, 1650.  [On Mar. 23, 1633, JOHN WARD, of Varinas, planter, lease for 25 acres adjoining his own land at plantation of Varina. "VA. Magazine II, p. 312.) [Henrico Records, Vol. 1677-92, p. 239). . . . The subsequent history of SETH WARD is not known:  it is not known whom he married, nor is the date of his death known other than that it took place between 1650 (the date of his last patent, as above) and 1677 when the records, as at present preserved in Henrico, begin. . . . SETH WARD of Henrico County was the father of RICHARD WARD. [Virginia Magazine, p. 312. It is not improbable that SETH WARD was the father of other children.  SETH HATCHER, among the sons of EDWARD HATCHER (1633-1711) of Henrico may have come from Seth Ward, and hence Edward Hatcher's wife, MARY, may have been a daughter of Ward."


RICHARD WARD, the son of SETH WARD and perhaps KATHARINE SMITH, removed from England to Colonial Virginia sometime before 1634 and settled in Henrico County below present-day Richmond.  Henrico was one of the original 8 shires into which Virginia was divided in 1634; this peninsula is on the north side of the James River, between the James and the Chickahominy, beginning at the mouth of the Chickahominy where it empties into the James and extends to "the falls" of the James which flows between Henrico and Chesterfield Counties.

Richard Ward served as a magistrate in Henrico County in 1666 ; the date of his birth is not known; he died in 1682.  Richard married ELIZABETH (surname not established at present) and by her had four known children: SETH WARD, RICHARD WARD, EDWARD WARD & ELIZABETH WARD as proven by his Last Will & Testament of 1682 and possibly a son, JOHN WARD, who was not named in his will.
[Va. Mag. II, p 312]

Richard Ward resided at Varina in Henrico County, Virginia, located more than a mile above the Dutch Gap Canal.  Varina was named because of the superior character of the tobacco in the are which resembled high-price Spanish tobacco called Varina.  [Taylor, Lyon G.; Cradle of the Republic, 1906, p 221]

Richard's father, SETH WARD, obtained 60 acres within the Corporation of Henrico upon the land of DANIEL SHERLY on May 30, 1634, 21 year lease. On March 21, 1633 Captain John Ward (relationship if any not proven) obtained his land March 21, 1633.    [Va. Mag.II, p 312.]

On 21 November 1635 Lt. JOHN CHEESEMAN was granted 600 acres in the County of Charles River (York) on the New Poguoson River and Oyster Creek, adjoining the land of WILLIAM HAWKINS due for the transportation of twelve persons to the Colony:  Christopher Everett, Phillip Aunt, Mary a Negro, Edward Cotterell, Jane Bolton, Robert Corbett, Richard Duning, RICHARD WARD, George Carter, Richard Banks, John Hanwell, and Mathias a Negro.  [Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents, page 614)  On 8 March 1636 (Patent Book 1, Part 1, p 471) Captain John Cheeseman refiled his 600 acres for transport of 12 persons:  Christopher Averitt, Phillip Averit, Mary a Negro, Edward Catterell, Joane Boltono, Robert Cockett, Richard During, RICHARD WARD, George Costen, Richard Banks, John Harwell, Mathias a Negro.  (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, p 69)

Two years later on 14 July 1637 RICHARD WARD patented 100 acres in Varina, Henrico County, bounded SW by Two Mile Creek and on S upon the land of JOHN BARKER, and extrending ENE to the Four Mile Creek, NW into the maine woods;   50 acres due "for his owne personal adventure" and 50 acres by puchase from BARTHOLOMEW FARTHING and due Farthing for the transportation of a servant called Sarah Breman.  Granted by Harvey. (Patent Book 1, Part 1, page 440 & Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, p 60)

On 29 March 1665, RICHARD WARD, patented 1337 acres, recorded in Patent Book 5, page 164; 1 pole, south side James River in Henrico County, beginning at an oak on the river side at the upper end of CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, Sr's dividend of land and thence by various courses along the river to mouth of Falling Creek, thence up the said Creek thence various other courses to the beginning.  The said land had been formerly granted to JEREMIAH BLACKMAN, deceased, by patent 14 March 1656 and by JEREMIAH BLACKMAN, son & heir of said JEREMIAH (SR), deceased, sold and assigned unto the aforesaid Mr. RICHARD WARD, as will appear by record in the Secretaries Office.  Patent date 9 March 1665. (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 1, p 447)

Patent :  9 March 1665 ref [Patent Book 5:43] --  To RICHARD WARD -- 1337 acres Ref: 1337 acres Henrico, granted to JEREMIAH BLACKMAN 14 Mar 1646 who sold to WARD loc 16971 -8582 F127 L0 P255 - Point A) Red oak on river HYD line ; 148.5 poles Corner at upp end of Xopher Branch Sr's dividend, along river - Point B) ___ line NNW; 18 poles - Point C) ___ line NWxN; 20 poles - Point D) ___ line NW.50pN; 44 poles - Point E) ___ line WxN; 30 poles - Point F) ___ line WxS; 156 poles - Point G) ___ line W; 64 poles - Point H) ___ line WxN; 38 poles - Point I) ___ line Northwest 176 poles - Point J) ___ line N; 86 poles - Point K) ___ line NWxN; 47 poles - Point L) ___ line NNW; 38 poles - Point M)___ line N; 20 poles - Point N) ___ line Northeast 68 poles - Point O) Mouth of Falling Creek HYD line WNW.50pN; 101 poles upCreekpt P) Great red oak HYD line WxS; 252 poles leaving theCreekpt Q) Corner pine in the woods line S; 224 poles - Point R) ___ line Southheast 176 poles - Point S) ___ line SExE; 54 poles - Point T) ___ line SSE; 88 poles - Point U) ___ line Southheast 10 poles - Point V) ___ line ESE; 274 poles - Point W) ___ line ExN; 320 poles Bearing from sta. 14 was WNW0.5N, changed to WNW2QN Bearing from sta. 3 was NW0.5N, changed to NW2QN - Quality of survey: Well located.

On 24 August 1669  RICHARD WARD obtained a judgment against RICHARD SUTTON for 400 pounds tobacco. [Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol, I, Northumbria Collectanea, Northumberland County]

TYPE: Patent; Date: 7 Nov 1673 [Patent Book 6:496] , Frg1 to Abelow Gower, Frg1 Ref: 101/501 acres Henrico/nr great stone & Sheffield Swamp loc 16667 -8550 F127 L0 P255 - Point A) Two red oaks nigh the swamp and a remarkable great stone line NNW.50pW; 22 poles along bank of Sheffield Swamp against a meadow - Point B) _____ line Northwest 28 poles - Point C) Great  ohickory marked 4 ways line W.50pS; 254 poles - Point D) Small pine marked 4 ways line S; 76 poles - Point E) Mr. Branch's Corner at the head line ExN; 288 poles Land bought of MR. RICHARD WARD at the date hereof and belonging to the Sheffield patent Shift: sta 4 of GOWE1673.INT to sta 1 of BRNCH665.INT - Quality of survey: Well located.

On 1 February 1675, February 1, Albermarle County Records (Valentine Papers) state that ROBERT WOODSON, was granted a deed for 100 acres of land near the falls to WILLIAM ELAM, signed & delivered in the presence of WILLIAM RANDOLPH & RICHARD WARD.

On 10 December 1677 at the Henrico Court Phillip Thomas and RICHARD WARD depose that the will exhibited in the court by John ____ Clerk is the last will and testament of WILLIAM COOKSON, dec'd that they were witnesses to.  Recorded 10 Dec. 1677, page 30, Henrico County Will & Deed Book, 1677-1692, Part 1.

Will of CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, Henrico County, VA recorded page 209, 20 Feb 1681/2:
Dated 20 June 1678
To son THOMAS B RANCH, great copper ceatle, and a book and 240 acres already given him;
To grandson CHRISTOPHER BRANCH all land between river to line of my son THOMAS and Proctors Creek, provided he hellp build his b rother SAMUEL a house of 4 board lengths.
To grandson SAMUEL BRANCH, land called Jacks Bottom at Proctor's Creek, provided he help build his brother BENJAMIN a house of 4 board lengths.
To grandson BENJAMIN BRANCH land between Jacks Bottom and Proctors Creek.
SAMUEL and BENJAMIN to live with CHRISTOPHER until able to look after themselves;
WILLIAM and JOHN BRANCH to have permission to hunt and fish in the creek and swamp.
Grandson CHRISTOPHER BRANCH to be sole executor.
All the rest of the estate to grandsons CHRISTOPHER, BENJAMIN, AND SAMUEL, SARAH and MARY BRANCH, the wife of THOMAS JEFFERSON, to be equally divided.
Proved by above witnesses 20 Feb 1681/2

The following is an abstract of the will of RICHARD WARD written in April 1682:
RICHARD WARD of parish and County of Henrico, to son RICHARD WARD 300 acres in a parcel, one lying & being upon Mr. Abell Gower, the other lying & being on Mr. John Knowles:
To youngest son EDWARD, 250 acres;
To daughter ELIZABETH WARD 150 acres;
To eldest son SETH WARD plantation I now live on and all the lands that shall be left in what I expressed in my will above said.  To eldest son, SETH WARD, one bed, bedstead, with curtains and vallainces, 2 flock beds with covering, one large table, and forme, one old chest, one pr doggirons, 7 pewter dishes, one gallon flagon, 6 plates and leather chair, one joint stoole, one chest, pr pott racks, one copper kettle, one brass kettle, one smoothing iron, a spit and frying pan, one courch, pr pot hooks, one powdering tub, 3 napkins, 3 pr sheets, 8 head cattle, one great iron pestle, one well bucket & chain, one ladle, one copper pot, 9 silver spoons, 2 seal gold ring, 1 silver bowl, and salt cellars, 1 silver dram cup.
To second son RICHARD WARD 2 feather beds, 1 with curtains and vallianes and and bedstead, the other with covering thereto belonging, 1 iron bound case, ` leather chair, 1 round table, 2 potts, 1 pr pot hooks, 1 pr pot racks, 6 plates 7 pewter dishes, 1 cullender, 2 chests, 1 pr andirons, 1 spit, 1 frying pan, 1 great iron pot, 1 smoothing iron, 1 Bible, 1 couch, 3 diapr napkins, 3 pr sheets, 8 head cattle, 1 iron pestle, 1 gridiron, 9 silver spoons, 2 silver cups, 1 silver scale.
To youngest son EDWARD WARD, 1 bed & bedstead, with curtains & vallaines, and all necessarys thereto, 2 great chests, 1 stoole, 1 leather chair, 1 table, 6 new pewter dishes, 1 iron pott, of 4 gall, one little iron kettle, 1 iron bound case, 1 warming pan, 6 plates, 1 little iron pot, 1 looking glass, 1 pr pot racks, 3 diapr napkins, 3 pr sheets, 7 head cattle, 3 of them to be cows, 1 iron pestle, and morter, 1 pr of fire tongs, 9 silver spoons, 1 silver cup, 1 silver tobacco stopper.
To daughter ELIZABETH WARD, 2 feather beds one with curtains and vallaines & bedstead, the other with covering belonging thereto, 1 new ticking, 1 great chest, 6 plates, 8 pewter dishes, 2 chests, 1 box iron & heaters, 1 wooden chair, 1 joint stool, 1 great iron kettle, 1 pr pot racks, 1 skillet, 1 small iron pot & pot hooks, 1 chafing dish, 3 diap napkins & table cloth, 3 pr sheets, 1 saddle & bridle & one saddle cloth, 7 head cattle, 3 of them cows, 1 Bible, 1 driping pan, 1 pewter candlestick, 1 silver cup, 1 silver tankard, and 9 silver spoons.
One half ensuing crop made by my 3 hands, SIMON LYGON, ROSS & JACK, either of Indiane Corne or tobacco, 1/2 to daughter ELIZABETH and son RICHARD to be equally divided to buy each a servant, and NATT and BUTTON, 2 of my horses, and the other half to my son SEITH.
To son SEITH WARD, JACK my INDIAN BOY, and the keeping of my youngest son EDWARD WARD until he is 19 years of age to have benefit of his labor at his disposing, and likewise benefit of Rosse, the Indian's labor the term and time abovesaid & then son EDWARD to take him into custody; in case Sons SEITH & EDWARD cannot agree till term abovesaid then Edward to choose his own guardian.  Son SEITH to build sone EDWARD a dwelling house of 20 ft wide & 30 ft long with 2 outside chimneys on the land given in my will.
Son RICHARD full produce of 1000 lbs of 2758 lbs. tobacco shipped for England by Capt John Rude's Commander of the Hopewell, of London as pr bill of lading;
& 1000 to daughter ELIZABETH WARD & 757 lbs to son, EDWARD.  Of 2 years remaining time of servant LYGON, the first year to son SEITH, the last year to be equally divided between my son RICHARD and my daughter ELIZABETH.  Should tobacco shipped home as above bring my sons in debt then they each to bear equal share according to proportion.
Horses and mares to son SEITH & RICHARD and daughter ELIZABETH (a horse mentioned running at the World's end.)
Remaining cattle to be equally divided among my 4 children, SETH, RICHARD, EDWARD & ELIZABETH, stocks of hogs divided among said 4 children and for the linnen and woollen and shoes and stockings to be equally divided, vis: 32 ells of Dowlas, 9 ells of Lockram, 30 ells of fine canviss, 8 1/2 ells of course canviss, 27 yds blew linnen, 7 1/2 yds broadcloth, 3 yds cotton, 3 pr worsted stockings, 1 pr of yarns, 7 pr french falls, 1 new hatt.  Yokes, chains, saws, wedges, carpenters tools to remain amongst children for each of their proper uses & all other tools belonging to the house.
Executor:  oldest son, SETH WARD.
Dated 18 April 1682.
Probated 1 August 1682.  (Henrico Records).

ROSSE, an Indian boy, belonging to EDWARD WARD (who was formerly sold by Mr. RICHARD WARD dec'd at ye Outcry made of ye estate of Captain JOHN KNOWLES dec'd] being brought by SETH WARD before this Worshipful Court is adjudged to be fifteen years old.  [Henrico Record Book 2, 1678-1693, page 120, Magazine of VA Genealogy, Vol 30, No 2.]

Richard Ward held the indenture of Simon Lygon whom his father, Seth Ward, had imported.


CAPTAIN SETH WARD was born to RICHARD & ELIZABETH WARD of Varina, Henrico County, Virginia in 1661.  He died at "Sheffield", Varina, Henrico County about December 1707.  Seth Ward resided at Sheffield's Plantation three miles from Falling Creek in what became later Chesterfield County. Thomas Sheffield, the first proprietor, was slain there by Indians in 1622.  (Tyler, Lyon G.; Cradle of the Republic, 1906, p 217]

Seth Ward married ANNE HATCHER, daughter of ANNE LOUND & HENRY HATCHER, before October 24th, 1681, and by her had four known children:  SETH WARD, JOSEPH WARD, RICHARD WARD, & BENJAMIN WARD.

That CAPTAIN SETH WARD is the son of RICHARD & ELIZABETH WARD is proven by the Last Will & Testament, dated 18 April 1682, of  RICHARD WARD of Varina, Henrico, VA as witnessed by Thomas Lockett and Will Ballows, probated 1 August 1682 at Henrico (Henrico Records, Volume 1694-1701, p. 299), in which RICHARD WARD made direct references and bequests to his son SETH WARD as follows:      "To eldest son SETH WARD plantation I now live on and all the lands that shall be left in what I expressed in my will above said.  To eldest son SETH WARD, one bedstead, with curtains and vallainces, 2 flock beds with covering, one large table, and forme, one old chest, one pr doggirons, 7 pewter dishes, one gallon flagon, 6 plates and leather chair, one joint stoolek one chest, pr pott racks, one copper kettle, one brass kettle, one smoothing iron, a spit and frying pan, one couch, pr pot hooks, one powdering tub, 3 napkins, 3 pr sheets, 8 head cattle, one great iron pestle, one well bucket & chain, one ladle, one copper pot, 9 silver spoons, one seal gold ring, one silver bowl, and salt cellers, one silver dram cup . . . One half ensuing crop made by my 3 hands, Simon Lygon, Ross & Jack, either of Indian Corne or tobacco, one half to ELIZABETH and son RICHARD . . . and other half to my son SEITH . . . To son SEITH WARD, Jack my Indian Boy, and the keeping of my youngest son EDWARD WARD until he is 19 years of age and to have benefit of his labor at his disposing, and likewise benefit of Rosse, the Indian's labor the term and time abovesaid & then son EDWARD to take him into his cutody; in case sons SEITH & EDWARD cannot agree till term abovesaid then EDWARD to chooe his own guardian . . . Son Seith to build son Edward a dwelling house of 20 ft wide & 30 ft long with 2 outside chimneys on the land give in my will . . . Horses & mares to sons SEITH and RICHARD and daughter ELIZABETH (a horse mentioned running at the World's end) . . . Remaining cattle to be equally divided among my four children, SEITH, EDWARD, RICHARD, & ELIZABETH stocks of hogs divided among said 4 children, and for the linnen and woollen and shoes and stockings to be equally divided, viz:  32 ells of Dowlas, 9 ells of Lockram, 30 ells of fine canviss, 8 1/2 ells of course canviss, 27 yds blew linnen, 7 1/2 yds. broadcloth, 3 yds cotton, 3 pr. worsted stockings, 1 pr of yarns, 7 pr. french falls, one new hatt . . . Yokes, chaines, saws, wedges, carpenters tools to remain amongst children for each of their proper uses & all other tools belonging to the house."  [ From Family History: Virginia Genealogies # 2, 1600s-1800s, CD #186, pp 359-361]

Sometime between 1678 and 1693, SETH WARD obtained an Indian boy named ROSSE, belonging to EDWARD WARD "formerly sold by Mr. RICHARD WARD dec'd at ye Outcry made of ye estate of Captain JOHN KNOWLES dec'd] being brought by SETH WARD before this Worshipful Court is adjudged to be fifteen years old."  [Henrico Record Book 2, 1678-1693, page 120, Magazine of VA Genealogy, Vol 30, No 2.]

19 August 1678  HENRY LOUND, of Varina Parish, Henrico County, by deed conveyed certain personalty to his grandchildren:  ANNE HATCHER (later married Seth Ward), HENRY HATCHER, WILIAM HATCHER, & MARTHA HATCHER. (Henrico Records, Vol 1678-93, p 55).  On Sept 1, 1677 ANN relict of HENRY HATCHER, deceased, was granted administration on her deceased husband's estate. (Ibid, Vol 1677-92, p 33).  In August 1678 ANN, HENRY, WILLIAM & MARTH HATCHER are named orphans of HENRY HATCHER, dec'd, with HENRY LOUND as their guardian. (Ibid, Vol. 1677-1739, p 4).  HENRY LOUND in his will dated July 1708 probated Nov 1708 names among other parties grandson HENRY HATCHER & granddaughters ANN WARD, MARY TANNER & MARTHA BLANKS. (Ibid, Vol. 1706-1709).  A comparison of the baptismal names is conclusive as to who these parties were.  ANN (the daughter of HENRY LOUND & widow of HENRY HATCHER) married 2ndly ____ MOODY, prior to August 19, 1678 (the deed as referred to above, of HENRY LOUND to his grandchildren on that date mentions ANN MOODY, calling her "daughter" and as HENRY HATCHER's wife's baptismal name was ANN; and HENRY HATCHER's children were grandchildren of HENRY LOUND, the inference is plain. Henry Hatcher was the son of WILLIAM HATCHER (1614-1677) of Henrico County, a conspicuous character in the early days of the colony, a member of the House of Burgesses, and immigrant ancestor of the Hatcher family in Virgina. (See Virginia Magazine, Vol. 5, p 98). But, it is a matter of record (as above quoted) that in September 1708 WILLIAM BLACKMAN was ordered to give security for the estate in his hands belonging to the orphans of CAPTAIN SETH WARD; and that the names of the orphans were BENJAMIN, JOSEPH & RICHARD; and that said BLACKMAN delivered their estates into the hands of later chosen guardians of BENJAMIN and JOSEPH and into RICHARD's hands on his coming to 'lawful age."

SETH WARD was Captain of the militia for the corner of Henrico in January 1700.  (Henrico Records, Vol. 1694-1701, p 299)

No record of the will of CAPTAIN SETH WARD has been found nor has a search among original papers in the Henrico Court Clerk's Office produced the original of his will.  That SETH WARD made a will and that it was a legal document and admitted to record can be established as fact because an order of court October 1724 was entered stating that certain property was delivered to the guardians of two of SETH WARD's orphans according to the will.  "The orders of court proving the names of Captain Seth Ward's children are as follows [Source:  From Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume V, Ward Family, p 362]

"September 15, 1708, WILLIAM BLACKMAN was ordered to give security for what estate he hath in his hands belonging to orphans of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, late of Henrico Co., dec'd (Henrico Records, Vol 4, 1677-1739, p 50).  (Anne Hatcher Ward married secondly William Blackman.)

"August 1713.  Upon petition of BENJAMIN WARD & JOSEPH WARD, they are admitted to choose their guardians and thereupon BENJAMIN chooses ROBERT BURTON JR to be his guardian and JOSEPH chooses SETH WARD (eldest son of Capt Seth Ward & elder brother of said Joseph) to be his guardian, who appearing & severalling accepting the charge, JOHN STEWART & ROBERT BURTON enter themselves securities for SETH WARD & Harry Trent and Seth Ward enter themselves securities for Robert Burton.  At same court ordered Wm. Blackman to deliver unto Robert Burton guardian to Benjamin Ward the estate of said Benjamin, and that he also deliver unto Seth Ward, guardian to Joseph Ward, the estate of said Joseph, and that THOMAS BRANCH, CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, & Richard Ward [son or Richard who died 1682 & brother of Captain Seth Ward, hence uncle of Benjamin & Joseph of the order).. Or any 2 of them do see the delivery of said estates and make report to next court (Order Book 1710-1714, p 251).

October Court 1713:  CHRISTOPHER BRANCH & THOMAS BRANCH, two of persons ordered to see estate of BENJAMIN WARD delivered unto Robert Burton, Jr. his guardian and the estate of Joseph Ward delivered unto SETH WARD, his guardian, make report that in obedience to the said order they have seen the said estates delivered according to the will. (Henrico Order Book 1710-14, p 254).

That BENJAMIN, JOSEPH & RICHARD WARD (of the orders) were sons of CAPTAIN SETH WARD is proved in that WILLIAM BLACKMAN was ordered Sept 1708 to give security for estate in his hands belonging to orphans of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, deceased, and by orders Aug 1714, and Feb 1713/14, WILLIAM BLACKMAN was directed to deliver estate in his hands belonging to BENJAMIN & JOSEPH WARD to the guardians respectively chosen by them; and the estate belonging to RICHARD WARD, to said RICHARD direct. That CAPTAIN SETH WARD had also a son SETH, who was older than RICHARD, BENJAMIN & JOSEPH is proved by various records."

October 24, 1681, according to Henrico Court Records , "An Account of . . . Lycences granted in Anno 1681 & returned to Towne Jamestown, the seat of government.
Seth Ward      200  Mr. Tho. Cocke 200
Jos. Tanner         200  Mr. Jno. Gooch 200
Melchiz. Richardson 200  Lambert Tye    200
Tho. Cheatham       200            ___
               ___            600
               800            800
                              1400 (pounds tobacco)

The following record establishes that as of 20 April 1687 WILLIAM BYRD, ESQ. and SETH WARD probably knew one another as their lands bounded on one another as established in COLONIAL LAND SURVEYS, OLD CHESTERFIELD COUNTY:   WILLIAM BYRD, Esq;  Patent - ref CF#086B VPB 7 p549;  Date: 20 April Anno Domi 1687, Francis Lord Howard Govr. &c to the Honble. WILLIAM BYRD ESQR. 300 acres part being his due by a Purchase from WILLIAM GYLES by sale bearing date the 29th of March 1683. the Residue being Kings land Ref: 1820 acres Henrico Co. Virina Par. on the South side of James Riv. contract transp. of 31 pr.sons loc -65584 -10640 F127 L1 P255 - Point A) att a Corner white Oake standing in Grindons Run; line Northeast 63 poles; Peter Lee's head line - Point B) three Corner trees, being the Corners of HENRY SHERMAN's land, line NNE; 202 Poles; Henry Sherman's head line - Point C) to the line of Edward Deally line Northwest 246 Poles; Edward Deally - Point D) a Corner Pine line SWxS; 688 Poles; Cross Grindon's Run & Maine Branch of Falling Cr. - Point E) a Corner Pine line SxE; 186 Poles; - Point F) a Corner Pine line Southheast 256 Poles; - Point G) a Corner Pine nigh the line of Seth Ward line ExN; 344 Poles; SETH WARD - Point H) a Corner Ash tree Standing on the Maine River, att the mouth of the Spring Run, thence along the River line NxE.5E; 56 Poles; along the Riv. from mouth of Spring Run - Point I) the mouth of Falling Creek survey line nnw; 150 poles up Falling Creek - Point J) the mouth of Grendons Run, thence Crossing Falling Creek, survey line ; cross Falling Cr. from mouth of Grendons Run - Point K) and tendeth up Grendons Run as it Windeth & turneth survey line Northwest 100 poles up Grendons Run end.

On 12 March 1701/2 the Governor and Council of Virginia made an address of loyalty to the King.
A Similar Loyal Address was received from Henrico County:
WILLIAM BYRD        William Randolph         Peter Field
FRANCIS EPES        William Farrar      Thomas Cocke
John Worsham        Giles Webb          Jos. Royall
John Bolling        SETH WARD      GEORGE WORSHAM
Ph. Jones      William Cocke       John Cox
Richard Cocke, Jr.       Thomas Jefferson         Thomas Branch
John Worsham, Jr.        A. Childers         Francis Epes, Jr.
Abraham Womack      WILLIAM BLACKMAN

Richard Cocke       William Randolph         FRANCIS EPES
William Farrar      Thomas Cocke        John Worsham
Giles Webb          Jos. Royall         John Bolling

Headlam, Cecil, ed., Calender of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 20), America and West Indies, Jan.-Dec. 1, 1702, Preserved in the Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1912. pp. 155-160.

On 4 February 1702/3 SETH WARD, SR., RICHARD WARD, SETH WARD, and JOHN OATES witnessed the Will of ROBERT GRIGE which was then recorded 2 August 1703 at Henrico County Court on page 342: to godson JOHN COCKE my troopers armes and 20 shillings. To MARY WARD my goddaughter, 20 shillings.  To EDWARD BRANCH my godson, 20 shillings; to EDWARD WARAD, my coat, jacket & britches I bought at John Woodson's store; to JOHN CLARK, clothes; to JANE GOWER, all lmy lands, goods, and chattels and to be sole executyrix.

Sometime before December 1707 CAPTAIN SETH WARD apparently died, leaving behind a widow, ANNE HATCHER WARD, sons SETH, RICHARD, JOSEPH, & BENJAMIN WARD. His widow, ANNE, married secondly WILLIAM BLACKMAN.

December 1707 WILLIAM BLACKMAN having by his petition to this court set forth that Captain Seth Ward's brother, EDWARD WARD " by his misrepresentation obtained an order at the last court for laying open a road which leads through the plantation whereon he (your petitioner) now lives belonging to the orphans of SETH WARD dec'd." (Henrico Court Order Book 1707-09, p. 11).

April 1708 Mr. SETH WARD, son of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, appeared in Henrico Court for 3 days as evidence in difference between WILLIAM BLACKMAN and his uncle EDWARD WARD (Ibid, 1707-09, p 30).

April 1708 JOHN CLARK gave evidence in behalf of RICHARD WARD in a difference depending between WILIAM BLACKMAN and EDWARD WARD concerning stopping of a road. (Ibid, 1707-09), p 32.  (Richard Ward mentioned in this order is evidently Richard, son of Captain Seth Ward, and the eldest of the then minor orphans whose property was in Blackman's hands.)

April 1708.  The order for a road granted EDWARD WARD, brother of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, through the plantation whereon he now lives belonging to orphans of SETH WARD dec'd is reversed.  (Ibid, 1707-09, p. 33). (Note one month later in May 1708 EDWARD WARD quietly departed Henrico County, Virginia and removed to North Carolina.)

By May 1708 Captain Seth Ward's brother, EDWARD WARD, had permanently departed from Henrico County, Virginia probably due to his legal problems and had removed to North Carolina as proven in record of a suit in Henrico County:  "EDWARD WARD  being privately deparated out of this county indebted to ROBERT BOLLING & Company." (Ibid, Order Book 1707-09, p 39.  And with this mention EDWARD WARD disappeared from the records of Henrico County, VA. From the above records it would indicate that EDWARD WARD had problems with his sister-in-law, Ann Hatcher's second husband, WILLIAM BLACKMAN.  Also he had financial problems relative to Robert Bolling and Company. He later appeared in the records of Craven County, North Carolina.  In 1708/09 he witnessed a deed in Beaufort County, NC. It appears that EDWARD WARD quietly departed Henrico County in May 1708 and removed to North Carolina. (Edward's daughter, SARAH WARD was married to Henry Farmer & she stayed in Henrico County.  His sons, ENOCH WARD & EDWARD WARD removed to North Carolina; it is not known what became of his son, JOHN WARD.)

November 1712 SETH WARD petitioned for a cart road layed out from his plantation where he now lives to a small piece of land which he lately purchased of RICHARD WARD; appears said road must pass through certain lands in possession of WILLIAM BLACKMAN.  Referred to next court. (Ibid Order Book 1710-14, p. 192).

February 1712/13 SETH WARD vs WILLIAM BLACKMAN & ANNE, his wife, petition. for cart to pass through land of said WILLIAM & ANNE to a piece of land lately purchased by said SETH WARD of RICHARD WARD; ordered that cart may be granted ye said SETH to pass through ye defendants land on ye river bank.  THOMAS BRANCH & CHRISTOPHER BRANCH ordered to lay out said way. (Ibid, Order Book, 1710-14, p. 203).  July 1720 the will of WILLIAM BLACKMAN, deceased, presented by JOSEPH WARD, his executor and proved by oaths of HENRY ANDERSON & THOMAS BRANCH, two of the witnesses thereto, and admitted to record:  HENRY SOANE & BENJAMIN WARD, securities for JOSEPH WARD the executor. (Henrico Court, Order Book 1719-24, p. 34.)

CAPTAIN SETH WARD was the only Ward living in Henrico County in July 1708 when HENRY LOUND made his will naming granddaughter, ANN WARD.  He could have been the only Ward married to Ann for Captain Seth Ward's brothers at the time were married:  Richard Ward to Elizabeth Blackman; Edward Ward to a daughter of Gilbert Elam.  It is believed that Ann, Captain Seth Ward's widow, married 2ndly William Blackman. ( From Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume V, Ward Family, p 366)CAPTAIN SETH WARD died prior to December 1707, at which date, WILLIAM BLACKMAN, was living on the plantation belonging to the orphans of SETH WARD, dec'd. (Order Book 1707-09, p. 11); WILLIAM BLACKMAN had in his 'possession or 'hands' (the court orders never once state that he was guardian) the estates of BENJAMIN, JOSEPH, & RICHARD WARD, orphans of SETH WARD and it appears that in Feb 1712/13 when SETH (an older son of CAPTAIN SETH WARD) was petitioning for a cart road out to the river that the land through which it was to pass is designated as belonging to WILLIAM BLACKMAN and ANN, his wife,  It seems not at all improbably that in reality WILLIAM BLACKMAN married the widow of CAPTAIN SETH WARD, some time after July 1708, when HENRY LOUND made his will naming granddaughter, ANN WARD, and thus it was that the property of CAPTAIN SETH WARD's minor children came into his 'possession or 'hands.'  It is quite evident that the ANN WARD, so named in Lound's will had been born ANN HATCHER.  Captain SETH WARD was the only Ward at that time living in Henrico (so far as the records show) who could have been the husband of the said ANN; for CAPTAIN SETH WARD's brothers at that time were married, viz:  RICHARD WARD to ELIZABETH BLACKMAN; EDWARD WARD to a daughter of GILBERT ELAM. Therefore on the strength (admittedly but slight) of the circumstantial evidence above given it is tentatively stated that CAPTAIN SETH WARD married ANN, daughter of HENRY and ANN (LOUND) HATCHER and that ANN, widow of CAPTAIN SETH WARD married 2ndly WILLIAM BLACKMAN.   (Genealogies of VA. Families, Vol V, p 366)


RICHARD WARD as proven by Henrico Court Records, was born 29 October 1692 at Sheffield Plantation in Henrico Co., VA as the third of four sons of SETH and ANN HATCHER WARD. He was deceased by 23 November 1761 at Lunenburg County, Virginia.  His brothers were: SETH WARD, married MARTHA WORSHAM; JOSEPH WARD, married SARAH STEWART; and BENJAMIN WARD, married ANNE ANDERSON. After his father's death, his mother married secondly WILLIAM BLACKMAN.

About 1716 RICHARD WARD married firstly, FRANCES WORSHAM, and they had two known children, BENJAMIN  born 1717 & TAHPANES (born 1729) who married PHILIP WEBBER.  Sometime between 1729 and 1759 FRANCES WORSHAM WARD died.  In 1759 Richard married secondly MARY JOHNS (daughter of THOMAS RICE JOHNS and CATHERINE AUSTIN) and had a son, RICHARD WARD Jr. born c1760,  & daughter CATHERINE WARD born 1761. Mary disappeared from the records shortly after Richard Ward's death.

RICHARD WARD led an interesting and colorful life. He lived at various times in Brunswick County, Cumberland County, Henrico, and Lunenburg in Virginia and briefly in Granville Co., NC.  He was frequently involved in legal disputes demonstrated through court records.  He had 4 known children, 19 grand-children, & 62 great-grandchildren.

In 1708 The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover 1709-1712," edited by Wright and Tinling, I take note of the entry for 18 Dec 1710:  ". . . About 12 o'clock came DICK WARD from above to settle accounts with me. He did not tell me that some part of the dam was gone, but Ralph G-p-l-n did tell me there was three feet of it gone . . . "

Further proof is needed for the following allegations as more than one Richard Ward lived in Henrico at the time.  A Richard Ward was in Henrico County court several times 1714 to 1724 accused  of fighting in court, theft, assault & battery, trespass, not paying his bills, & swearing. Below are some of these dubious achievements. In August 1714 authorities arrested THOMAS MATTHEWS, EDWARD MATTHEWS, & RICHARD WARD for fighting in the court. In September 1720 RICHARD WARD trespassed on the land of his brother SETH WARD and assaulted him. Richard was arrested but when he did not appear in court, the Court imposed on him a £50 judgement to be voided if RICHARD showed at the next court. We presume THOMAS TURPIN, RICHARD'S surety, got him to court.  The next month, JOHN SOANE accused RICHARD WARD of trespass, and in February 1720/1 GEORGE RONALD brought a complaint against him.  WILLIAM RANDOLPH sued Richard for to collect money owed to him in court in August 1721.  RICHARD was guilty of some lesser offenses. In June 1722 a grand jury indicted him for swearing and ordered him to pay the churchwardens 5 shillings or 50 pounds of tobacco. His brother SETH was his security. Ironically court records identify RICHARD WARD as an Under Deputy Sheriff in January 1722/3 and during the next two years he brought minor complaints against JOHN PETER BONDURANT and JOHN BURTON. In June 1724 RICHARD DENNIS complained to a Henrico County justice that RICHARD stole eight or nine bushels of Indian corn. They arrested RICHARD but it seems he escaped prosecution on a technicality. The court concluded 'the proceedings upon said complaint are not legal, the same is dismissed and each party is ordered to pay his own costs.'  RICHARD's last appearance in Henrico County court was in October 1724 for assaulting and beating JOHN BURTON. A jury awarded BURTON 17 shillings and court costs. He evidently took his frustration elsewhere as THOMAS FRANKLIN accused RICHARD WARD of assault and battery in Amelia County in 1736."  In 1723 Richard Ward obtained by "Distrainte" from Thomas Pleasants one feather bed, one sheet, and one blanket. (Henrico Co., VA Monthly Meeting, Pleasants)

1733, March 3:  Goochland (later Cumberland) County, 450 acres N side of Appomattox River beginning at the mouth of Angola Creek [Register of Land Office, Richmond, Patent Book 15, p. 180].
1740, August 28:  Prince Edward County, 400 acres on the Appomattox River (Early Settlers of Prince Edward County}
1742, January 12:  Brunswick County, 400 acres, S side Ward's fork. [Note:  in present Charlotte County.]
1742, July 30:  Goochland County, 200 acres south side James River on Swift Creek, in a Meadow; adjacent Thomas Watkins, Michael Garthwright & John Maxey; Whereas by Patent 11 April 1732 granted Nathaniel Maxey 11 April 1732 {PB 14, p 394) and whereas the said Nathaniel Maxey hath failed to make Cultivation & Improvement and Richard Ward hath made Humble Suit and obtained a Grant for the same. {Included in Thomas Green's PB 27, p 132); [Patent Book 20, p. 411]
1742/43, February 12:  Brunswick County, 304 acres on north side Ward Fork down said creek,  adjoining MARTIN.  [Patent Book 20, 254]  [Note this land is in present Charlotte County.]
1742/43, February 12:  RICHARD WARD, Brunswick County, 320 acres, South side of Ward's Fork, adj. Martin, 2 pounds, Patent Book 21, page 196.
1746/47, January 12:  Brunswick County, 404 acres on South side of Wards fork; 2 pounds; `1Patent Book 28, page 68.
1746, March 29:  Goochland County Deed Book 3:172:  Indenture between WILLIAM KANNON, carpenter of Goochland & RICHARD WARD of same, L55, 492 acres, patented to JOHN MARTAN by patent 20 Aug 1741 and by  MARTIN sold to said WILLIAM CANNON & bounded by the creek. Signed William Cannon. Witnessed by JOHN COX, FREDRICK COX, JOHN JONES.  April 3, 1746 Court recorded.
1746, August 28:  Amelia County VA (later Prince Edward County)  400 acres South side Appomattox River adjoining Osborne's line, beginning at Osborne's corner white oak on the river; formerly granted to JOHN DAWSON, since deceased, 30 July 1738, and Henry Dawson, son & heir of said John Dawson, failing to seat, same is now granted to RICHARD WARD having made humble Suit and hath obtained a Grant for the same.  (Probably the same 400 acres that RICHARD WARD gifted to his daughter, TAHPANES WARD, on 5 September 1754 in Prince Edward County, VA.)  Patent Book 25:217
1748, September 20:  Amelia County (later Prince Edward Co.)  RICHARD WARD, 500 acres, South side of Little Saylor's Creek, part of a patent for 3146 acres formerly granted JOHN CRAWFORD by patent 5 June 1736 and forfeited for want of seating; upon the Petition of the sd Richard Ward to our General Court the said Land.   Patent Book 28, p. 376]
1748, September 28 Lunenburg County, VA Deed Book 4, p321.
I, REECE PREECE, of Lunenburg, for 50 pounds sell to RICHARD WARD of Goochland County, one plantation & parcel of land conveyed from JOHN SMITH to PREECE by Lunenburg deed of April 1, 1748, containing 337 acres in Lunenburg in Wards Fork and bounded by trees. signed Sep 28, 1748. REES PREES.  Witness MATHEW TALBOT, JOHN GWIN, PERRIN ALDAY.  Recorded October 5, 1756 after PERRIN AULDAY, one of the witnesses gave oath, and CATHRINE, wife of said REES, relinquished her right of dower and on 6 October 1756 the deed was further proved by the oath of Matthew Talbot, Gentleman.  [Note:  in present Charlotte County]
1748, November 23, Lunenburg County Deed Book 1, p 386:  JOSEPH WARD of Amelia County for 50 pounds to RICHARD WARD of Goochland County, 50 pounds, a plantation and 200 acres on the north side of Stanton River, signed 23 November 1748, JOSEPH WARD.  Witnesses, PERRIN ALLDAY, JOHN GWIN, JOHN AUSTIN.  Recorded February 1748.

1749, page 93, William Caldwell's List of Tithes from Falling River to Little Roanoke River, Lunenburg County, Virginia listed RICHARD WARD and his overseer, PERRIN ALDAY.  (Source:  Sunlight on the Southside) [Note:  Falling River is in present Campbell County, formerly Lunenburg County.]
1749, June 5, Lunenburg County Road Orders, O.S. page 156:  Ordered that a road be laid off & clear'd the best and most convenient way from Youngs Mill Path to Little Roanoke Bridge at Coles Road and SAMUEL DUVAL is appointed Surveyor thereof. And it is ordered that the said Duval with all the Male Labouring Tithable Persons Convenient thereto, to wit, SAMUEL JOHNSON, WILLIAM JOHNSON, STEPHEN COLLINS, and his son, JOHN PRATT, CLEMENT READS Tithable, THOMAS VERNON, JOHN AUSTIN, JOHN ADKINS, JOHN AUSTIN JUR. RICHARD WARDS - TITHABLES, and all others Convenient therefore forthwith Clear and keep the same in Repair according to law.

1750, page 150, Richard Ward was listed in the Tithables of Lunenburg County, Virginia on the list of Abraham Martin.  (Source:  Sunlight on the Southside)

1751, September 19:  Amelia County, RICHARD WARD of Cumberland County to JAMES MITCHELL of Raleigh Parish, Amelia County, 1000 pounds currency, 500 acres in AMELIA COUNTY on South side of Little Sailor Creek.  (Amelia County Deed Book 4, page 148).  [Note this property, SaIlors Creek, appears to be in present Prince Edward County probably SW of Sailor's Creek Battlefield Historical State Park near property deeded to Richard Ward's daughter, Tahpenes Ward, in 1754 and which was left by will to his son, Richard Ward, Jr., in 1762).

1752, RICHARD WARD, 3 Tithables, Lunenburg County, VA, William Caldwell's List ; page 188; JAMES WILSON was listed with Richard Ward.  (source: Sunlight on the Southside)

1754, September 5: Prince Edward County,  RICHARD WARD of Cumberland County deeded to his daughter TAHPENES WARD of Cumberland County, deed of gift, 400 acres in Prince Edward County, on Appomattox River, adjoining JOSEPH WARD, JOHN JOHNSON, DAVID GREENHILL, formerly HENRY DAWSON. Witness:  BENJAMIN WARD.  (Prince Edward Records, Deed Book I, page 15) (Note:  TAHPANES WARD married PHILLIP WEBBER in 1751.  This would be the same 400 acres that Richard Ward acquired 28 August 1746 in Prince Edward County, prior to the formation of that county from Amelia County in 1753 as previously noted in 1746, August 28:  Amelia County (later Prince Edward), 400 acres S side Appomattox River adjoining Osborne's line, beginning at Osborne's corner white oak on the river; formerly granted to JOHN DAWSON, since deceased, 30 July 1738, and Henry Dawson, son & heir of said John Dawson, failing to seat, same is now granted to RICHARD WARD. , Patent Book 25, p. 217]   [Note:  The above described land is probably situated north of Hwgs 460 & 370 and north of Rice, east of Farmville, according to a present day topographical mouth of Prince Edward County.]

1754, September 5:  Lunenburg County,  RICHARD WARD of Southam Parish, Cumberland County, for L500 currency, conveyed to BENJAMIN WARD of Granville County, NC, 13 Negroes, all stock of horses, cattle, hogs, household furniture belonging to my plantation in Lunenburg County. (Lunenburg Records Deed Book 4, page 288;  duplicate record Lunenburg Deed Book 5, page 197.)

1755, June 25:  Lunenburg County, VA.  RICHARD WARD witnessed the will of THOMAS WILLIAMSON.  Will Book 2, page 154, recorded 7 October 1755.

1755, June 30:  Lunenburg County, RICHARD WARD of Cumberland Co., VA conveyed to BENJAMIN WARD of Granville Co., NC, for 1500 pounds currency, all said RICHARD WARD' s lands in Lunenburg Co., on Ward's Ford, branch of Little Roanoke, & all buildings & appurtenances.  Signed RICHARD WARD.  Witnesses, JOHN COX, MICAJAH SMITHSON, JAMES CARY JR.  Recorded 1 July 1755.  (Lunenburg Deed Book 4, page 150)

1755, June 30:  Lunenburg County, RICHARD WARD, late of Cumberland Co., VA but at present of Granville Co., NC, Planter, granted his power of attorney to his trusty friend, BENJAMIN WARD, late of Granville Co., NC, but now of Lunenburg Co., VA to demand, sue for, recover, receive of all persons indebted to me in Virginia and to deliver up in execution all persons whom I have become special for in any suit or action now pending and undetermined in any court of Virginia.  (Lunenburg Deed Book 4, page 151).    (NOTE:  Benjamin Ward mentioned herein may be Richard's nephew. The Census Index of Colonial America indicates that in 1755 and 1769 a Benjamin Ward was enumerated in Granville Co., NC.]

On 18 April 1758 BENJAMIN & MARTHA WARD of Granville County conveyed to HENRY WARD of Amelia County for 550 pounds all his lands in Lunenburg deeded him on June 30, 1755 by RICHARD WARD.  In his will dated 14 April 1765 HENRY WARD willed this land at Ward's Fork, half to his own son BENJAMIN WARD and half to another son HENRY WARD, JR.]  [ Ward's Fork Mill can be presently found on a topographical map in Charlotte County, VA, near Roanoke Creek Dam No. 6A; off Highway 47; north west of Cullen, south east of Vincent Corner, northwest of Charlotte Court House.  This land is located in close proximity to the border of Prince Edward & Charlotte Counties.]

1755, July 21:  Lunenburg County,  Trial of RICHARD WARD for a felony (nature not given); not guilty and instantly discharged.  NATHANIEL BASSETT came into court and made oath that he believed himself in danger of his life from RICHARD WARD and said WARD is bound over to keep the peace, etc, his bondsmen being JAMES CARY, JR., BEN HARRIS, JEREMIAH HATCHER & BENJAMIN WARD.  (Lunenburg Order Book 1754-55, pages not numbered.)

1755, November 6:  Lunenburg County Road Orders, page 44:  Ordered that the following Persons be added to the Road whereof SAMUEL JOHNSON is surveyor to assist the said Johnson in Clearing & keeping the same repaired, to wit, JOHN PLEASANTS & RICHARD WARDS male Labouring Tithables, JAMES NELSON, GEORGE HARRIS & JOHN BUTLER

1756, July 7, Lunenburg County Virginia Deed Book 1757-1761, Deed  Book 5, page 197:  "I RICHARD WARD of the Parish of Southam in the County of Cumberland for 500 pounds to me in hand paid by BENJAMIN WARD of Granville County, NC, have sold him 13 Negroes:  WILL, LUCY, TOM, AGGA, BILLY, DAVIE, JENNY, JACK, BESS, GIDDY, ABSALOM, PETER & HANNAH.  Also all my stock of horses, cattle, hogs & household furniture belonging to my Lunenburg plantation.  Signed September 5, 1754:  RICHARD WARD. Witnessed:  CHARLES CUPPLES, JOHN FORD, ABRAHAM BAKER.  The bill of sale was recorded July 7, 1756.

1758, April 18; Lunenburg County Deed Book 5, page 217.
From BENJAMIN WARD and MARTHA, his wife, of Granville County, North Carolina to HENRY WARD of Amelia County for 550 pounds, all his lands in Lunenburg County, being on Wards Fork, a branch of Little Roanoke [Roanoke River] and being all the land that the said BENJAMIN WARD had of RICHARD WARD which was deeded to him on June 30, 1755.  Signed BENJAMIN WARD.  Witnesses, JOHN COX JR., EDWARD HOGANS (HOGINS), JOHN POTTER. Recorded 2 May 1758.
[NOTE:  This Benjamin Ward is probably the nephew of said Richard Ward; Martha is Martha Lyle.  Ward's Fork Mill can be presently found on a topographical map in Charlotte County, VA, near Roanoke Creek Dam No. 6A; off Highway 47; north west of Cullen, south east of Vincent      Corner, northwest of Charlotte Court House.  This land is located in close proximity to the border of Prince Edward & Charlotte Counties.]

1758, September 28:  Lunenburg County, REECE PREECE of Lunenburg County for L50 currency conveys to RICHARD WARD of Goochland, 337 acres on Wards Fork, Lunenburg County.
[Ward's Fork Mill can be presently found on a topographical map in Charlotte County, VA, near Roanoke Creek Dam No. 6A; off Highway 47; north west of Cullen, south east of Vincent Corner, northwest of Charlotte Court House.]

1760, 3 March:  Lunenburg County Deeds, page 669, BENJAMIN WARD recorded 1,316 acres on both sides of Little Horsepen Creek adjacent to WILLIAM and MAYS, for 6 pounds 15 shillings.
[Little Horsepen Creek can be presently located on a topographical map near Roanoke Creek Dam No. 49A; it is north of Formosa, north east of Rancolph, and south seast from Sax, and west off Highway 47; about 15.5 miles south of Wards Fork Mill.)

1761, October 13:  Lunenburg County, JAMES CALDWELL, of Lunenburg County, to RICHARD WARD of Lunenburg County for 60 pounds currency, 160 1/2 acres on branches of Sandy Creek.  (Lunenburg Deed Book 7, page 157).  [Sandy Creek can be presently located on a topographical map in Charlotte County, VA south of Highway 40 between Phenix (to the west) and Womachs (to the east) and southwest from Wards Fork Mill, a distance of approximately five miles or so.]

1762, February 2:  Lunenburg County, VA Will Book 1:341 (He had died prior to 23 Nov 1761)
WILL OF RICHARD WARD of Cornwall Parish, Lunenburg County, dated November 17, 1759, probated February 2, 1762, devised:  To my son BENJAMIN WARD, 120 acres in Cumberland Parish (or county) adjoining JAMES BROWN, JONAS RENULS, and VALENTINE COLLEY; [NOTE: Cumberland Parish became Bedford County, 1753; (more likely it is in Cumberland County where Richard owned other property] To daughter TAHPENAHS WARD, 1 shilling; To wife MARY WARD is loaned 6 Negroes (BOWSER, HARRY, MODESTY, DICK, ANNIS & MOLL) during her life and is given a feather beds and furniture, riding horse, side saddle, etc, also 350 acres in Lunenburg County between WILLIAM FUQUA and LENNARD WARD to her and her heirs lawfully begotten; To child [sic, Richard Ward] wife [sic, Mary Johns Ward) is now with, 150 acres in Chesterfield County (between the river adjoining ELIZA GAY and SETH WARD, between the road and the river and also 101 acres in Cumberland County between Angolea Creek and Appomattox River and also the land I now enjoy in Lunenburg County and all the Negroes and everything I am possessed within Cumberland County and also in Lunenburg County and 6 Negroes I lent my wife (sic, BOWSER, HARRY, MODESTY, DICK, ANNIS, & MOLL).
Executors:  friend, SEATH WARD & PERRIN ALDAY.

(sic, Mary Johns was a niece of Perrin Alday, who was married to her mother's sister. According to a topographical map of Virginia, the property left to child, Richard Ward, as above described is located presently in Cumberland County, between Angola Creek and the Appomattox River, north east of Farmville.  The land presently is not far from the Amelia County & Prince Edward County lines.  Cumberland County lies on the north side of the Appomattox River & Prince Edward County lies on the south side.  Present Charlotte is about 30 miles south.)

February 2nd Court 1762 the will of RICHARD WARD was exhibited in court by SETH WARD & PERRIN AULDAY, the executors and was proved by the oaths of the witnesses and ordered to be recorded.  And said SETH WARD relinquished, whereupon the motion of PERRIN AULDAY, the other executor, certificate is granted unto him for obtaining a probate of said will, he giving security, whereupon, he together with ALEXANDER JOYCE, THOMAS JOYCE, JOHN PETTUS, DUDLEY BARKSDALE, FRANCIS COOK, WILLIAM COOK, and JOHN RICE, his securities entered into their bond for said AULDAY's due execution of said will.

1762, May 4:  Lunenburg Co., VA Will Book 2, page 131, RICHARD WARD:
Pursuant to an order of the Court in Lunenburg County held February 1762, we JONES RAYNALD, JOEL WALKER & WARREN WALKER, have appraised the estate offered us by PERRIN ALDAY, executor of the estate of RICHARD WARD, deceased in Cumberland County, which is valued in Current money as follows -- 734 pounds 18 shillings 8 pense.  /s/  Friday 30th April 1762, recorded 4 May 1762.

1762, May 4, Will Book 2, page 143, RICHARD WARD:
Pursuant to an order of the Court held in Lunenburg County February 1762, we, SAMUEL JOHNSTON, SAMUEL DAVIS, & ROBERT WOODS, have appraised the estate offered to us by PERRIN ALDAY, executor of the estate of RICHARD WARD, deceased, which in current money is as follows -- 518 pounds 2 shillings 2 pence.  Recorded 4 May 1762.
[Note:  In 1749 Perrin Alday was listed as the overseer of Richard Ward's property in the List of Tithables of Lunenburg County.]\

1763, May Court, Lunenburg County Order Book 9, page 33.
At a Court of Oyer & Terminer appointed and held at Lunenburg Courthouse on May 12, 1763 for the trial of VALL, a Negro man slave belonging to ELIZABETH FUQUA, and BOSEN, a Negro man slave belonging to the estate of RICHARD WARD deceased, on suspicion of their being guilty of burning the dwelling house of OWEN MURFY and stealing 25 pounds 2 shillings 6 pence and wearing apparel, the property of said Murfy.  The prisoners after being set to the bar and being asked if they were guilty say they were not guilty, whereupon divers witnesses were sworn and examined.  Page 34.  and the prisoners were heard in their own defence on consideration whereof, it is the opinion of the Court that VALL & BOSEN are guilty.  It is ordered they be remanded to jail and thence be carried to the place of execution and there be by the Sheriff hanged by their neck until they are dead.  And the Court values VALL at 100 pounds and BOSEN at 10 pounds, which is ordered to be certified to the Assembly for allowance.  But the Court recommends VALL to the Governor for his mercy, thereby begging the pardon of his life.

1763, July 14 Court, Lunenburg County, Order Book 9, page 125.  JOHN WARD, Petitioner, vs. PERRIN ALDAY, Executor of RICHARD WARD deceased, Defendant On a Petition.  The Defendant not appearing, judgment for the Petitioner for 1 pound 17 shillings and 6 pence & the costs.
1763 September 8, Court, Lunenburg County, Order Book 9, page 253.  JAMES TAYLOR & THOMAS BEDFORD

1764, May Court, Lunenburg County, VA Order Book 10, page 12.
MARY READ, CLEMENT READ, THOMAS READ & PAUL CARRINGTON administrators of CLEMENT READ dec'd Complainants vs REESE PRICE, Defendant on an attachment.  This day came the Plaintiffs by their attorney and the Defendant failing to appear and the Plaintiffs having made oath to their account against said Defendant for 23 pounds & 10 pence ordered that the Plaintiffs recover against the said Defendant the afd sum and costs. PERRIN ALLDAY a garnishee in this suit says that he is willing to answer such judgment as Paulse [sic] shall recover against WARD's estate [sic] as far as assets shall come to his hands.

1764, May Court, Lunenburg County, VA Order Book 10, page
REES PREES, Plaintiff vs. PERRIN ALLDAY, executor of RICHARD WARD dec'd,l Deft, in Debt.  This day came the Plaintiff by his attorney and the Defendant in his proper person and said Defendant acknowledges the Plaintiffs action.  Ordered that the Plaintiff recover against said Deft. 10 pounds 12 shillings 7 pence and his costs to be levied of the goods & chattels of said testator in the hands of said Deft.  when assets if so much he as, if not, then the costs to be levied of his own proper goods & chattels.

1764, October Court, Lunenburg County, VA Order Book 10, Page 171:
BENJAMIN WARD is appointed guardian to RICHARD WARD, Orphan of RICHARD WARD deceased whereupon said BENJAMIN together with sufficient Security entered into bond.  [Note: Ben'j is probably Richard Jr.'s half-brother.)

1764, November Court, Lunenburg County, VA Order Book 10, page 195:
For reasons appearing to the Court, BENJAMIN WARD is removed from his guardianship of RICHARD WARD, Orphan of RICHARD WARD deceased and PERRIN AULDAY is appointed guardian in his room, he giving Security, whereupon he, together with sufficient Security, ack. bond."

1764, December 13, Will Book 2, page 243, RICHARD WARD:
A further inventory and appraisement of the estate of RICHARD WARD deceased made by ROBERT WOODS, SAMUEL DAVIS, & SAMUEL JOHNSON; VALUE 9/5 current money; returned to court by PERRIN ALDAY, executor.  Recorded 13 Dec 1764.

Will of HENRY WARD, Amelia County, Virginia, dated 14 April 1765
(Henry Ward was the nephew of Richard Ward of Lunenburg Co., VA)
Proven 25 May 1765, Amelia County (Amelia Records, Will Book 2X, page 94]
Bequests to son, BENJAMIN WARD, choice of equal half my land called Wards Fork in Charlotte Co., VA; 10 slaves named JOE, WILL, JACK, POMPY, TOM, CHARLES, ROBIN, DINAH, LETT & DOLL.
[NOTE:  this appears to be the same land sold by RICHARD WARD (of this record) to BENJAMIN WARD of Granville Co., NC, which they then sold to Henry Ward.  Ward's Fork Mill can be presently found on a topographical map in Charlotte County, VA, near Roanoke Creek Dam No. 6A; off Highway 47; north west of Cullen, south east of Vincent Corner, northwest of Charlotte Court House. Granville County, NC appears to be about 15 miles south of Charlotte County, VA.]

August Court 1766, Lunenburg County, VA Order Book 11, page 188:
JOSEPH MORTON, CLEMENT READ, & PAUL CARRINGTON, Gentlemen, are appointed to settle and adjust an account current of the estate of RICHARD WARD, deceased, and return such account to next Court.

On September 8, 1768 the Estate Inventory of RICHARD WARD was recorded in Lunenburg County, VA Will Book 2, page 334.  Account Current of the estate of RICHARD WARD, in account with PERRIN ALDAY executor.  Debits include mention of:
1762 -- THOMAS BRANCH, for his trouble & expenses with the said WARD at his house in his illness; BENJAMIN COLLINS & CHRISTOPHER BRANCH part for funeral expenses;   HENRY WARD for his attendance by order of court for said testator vs B. WARD;  ABRAHAM MARTIN, JOHN ASHWELL for rum for the sale of the estate;  JAMES REA, JAMES THAXTON for services for use of the estate; WARREN WALKER, FREDRICK HATCHER, JAMES ARCHDEACON for rum for sale of the estate;  THOMAS DEAVENPORT, Sheriff Cumberland County; JOSEPH WILLIAMS; JAMES TAYLOR, Sheriff Lunenburg County;  ABNER NASH, PHIL HOLCOMB per JAMES WILSON'S account; ROBERT HASTIE & CO.; PHILLIP WEBER; JAMES MITCHELL; CHARLES CUPPLES; WILLIAM COOK; PEYTON RANDOLPH, Esq.; WILLIAM BAILEY.
1763 -- JO WILLIAMS, Sheriff Lunenburg County per exo.  WARD v WARD's excrs, JO WILLIAMS, Sheriff Lunenburg per WALTERS & CO execution; GEORGE COX, CHARLES CUPPLES, BERNARD MARKHAM, Sheriff Lunenburg.
1764 -- ROBERT NEALY, JAMES ARCHDEACON for his share of several crops, JNO COX, WILLIAM LIGON, ROBERT WOODS for appraising the estate; SAMUEL JOHNSON per ditto; SAMUEL DAVIS per ditto; SETH MOORE for 7 cows & calves purchased of him part of his wife's legacy; WILLIAM FLEMING, Atty at law;
1765 -- JNO WILLIAMS for attendance ads; COX, DUGLASS PUCKETT, NAT WILLIAMS Sheriff Lunenburg, WM. COOK, WM. WARD, THOMAS SEWELL, SAM'L JOHNSTON for carriage of tobacco, JOSEPH FRANCIS, THOMAS RICE for carriage of tobacco.
1767 -- THOMAS PRICE, JNO CHAMBERS for building a house; THOMAS RICE for carriage of tobacco; DAVID MADDOX per ditto; MATTHEW WATSON for MCNESSE judgment; DAVID CALDWELL for carriage of tobacco.
1768 -- THOMAS JOHN for 3 years' board of RICHARD WARD orphan of the testator; JAMES ARCHDEACON, JOSEPH DAVIS, JNO COBBS for work, THOMAS MOODY for a coffin.  SETH WARD for a side of leather; ELIZA. FUQUA for laying (paying) 2 Negro women; JAMES FRENCH for BUCHANAN & CO for dealings with ROBERT SHARPER; JNO COX judgment; DAVID CALDWELL, carriae of tobacco; ANDREW FRENCH, PAUL CARRINGTON atty at.
Credits include mention of:  1762 -- THOMAS BRANCH, JNO BARKSDALE, DUDLEY BARKSDALE, JACOB STOBER, JNO COX SMITH'S RIVER, ROBERT NEALY for rent; Mich; I MCDEARMAN'S exors, JAMES FRENCH, DAVID CALDWELL, ANDREW FRENCH for paying the Sheriff Charlotte County; JAMES MCCRAW, EDWARD DAY for rent; JAMES FRENCH for PHIL. HOLCOMB, ROBERT NEALY for rent.  Total credits:  814 L 10 shillings 4.5 pence

1765,14 October, Charlotte Deed Book 1:149:  GEORGE SCOTT of Charlotte to WM. COOK of same 92 acres in Charlotte bounded by lines of JAMES ORR, RICHARD WARD, WM. AUSTIN, SAML DAVIS, WM. COOK.

1766, 4 August, Charlotte DB 1:178:  SAM'L DAVIS of Charlotte to WM. COOK of same 220 acres in Charlotte bounded on south of Wards Fork by lines of JOHN RICE, RICHARD WARD dec'd, GEORGE SCOTT, SAM'L DAVIS, PERRIN ALDAY, WM. COOK.

1768, August Court, Lunenburg County, VA, Order Book 11, page 120 :
PERRIN ALDAY, Guardian of RICHARD WARD, orphan of RICHARD WARD, deceased is excused of rendering any account of the profits of the estate "till the next year."

September 8, 1768.  We, being appointed by Lunenburg Court to settle the account of PERRIN ALDAY the executor of RICHARD WARD deceased have examined the account of and find a balance of 6L 7 shillings 10.5 pence due from the estate to the executor, exclusive of his trouble in the management of this estate.  Signed -- JOS MORTON, CLEMENT READ, P. CARRINGTON.  Recorded September 8, 1768.

In the Vestry Book of Cumberland Parish on 24 March 1772, Returns of Bryan Lester and Robert Estes, Jr., Process, states:  "We have processioned the lands in the bounds appointed us as followeth:  RICHARD WARD.  Capt. Richard Claiborne's land in presence of RICHARD WARD. (Note:  this is probably Richard Ward, Jr. son of Richard of this record.]

Jack Webber posted 28 October 2005 on Genforum the following message.  "I don't know any of the Graham descendants and don't know where the Bible is today. It was owned by Mrs. Graham in 1907. I have a transcript copy of the Bible record. Here's what the transcript says, as you may find it helpful."
Richard and Ann Ligon Family Bible  These entries are taken from a Holy Bible printed in Edinburgh by Mark and Charles Kerr, 1795. The Bible is owned by Mrs. William Henry Graham, 1907:
Richard Ward and Frances Worsham was married December 18th 1716
Phillip Webber and Tahpenes Ward was married October 14th 1751
Richard Ligon and Ann Bevill Webber was married September 10th 1797

NOTE:     On erection of Charlotte County in 1765 from a part of Lunenburg County, Cornwall Parish fell within the boundaries of Charlotte. Lunenburg County was formed from Brunswick County in 1745. Greenville County was formed in 1780 from Brunswick County.  Albemarle County was formed from Goochland County in 1744 & part of Louisa County & certain islands in the Fluvanna River, now called the James River, were later added.  Cumberland County was formed from Goochland County in 1749.  Powhatan County was formed from Cumberland County in 1777 & part of Chesterfield County was later added.